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Psychic Mandy

Meet Mystic Mandy, a psychic medium sharing her journey, daily routines, memorable clients, and reading process. From her unique approach using palmistry and Goddess cards, Mandy brings positivity and strength to her work, helping clients find hope and closure. Join her as she spreads peace and blessings to all seekers and learn more about her fascinating story in this exclusive interview on

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Medium Mandy

Early Experiences and Developing My Gift

How did your early experiences influence your decision to become a psychic medium and share your gift with others?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Mystic Mandy.  I am 3rd generation Psychic Medium.

When I was just a child age 6 or 7 I had my first experience with spirit in my grandparents home. We had a resident spirit that would come when someone was in danger or going to pass away. Unfortunately my grandfather was bed ridden with cancer at the time.  The morning after I had seen her he sadly passed away.

I was fortunate that with my mother as a gifted psychic medium as well she was open and understanding to me sharing that I had seen the lady in the dress (spirit).  From here more and more things would happen. Prediction’s of events, knowing before things would happen etc.

From age 11 to age 20, I only ever shared with my mother and very close friends the images or conversation with spirit I would have. Unlike today where people are more open to it back then you could be thought to be crazy.. LOL

At 20 yrs old I started reading for the public after being invited to join my mom at a psychic party she was doing. I had always had a fascination for palmistry and had realized that through a persons hands I could very much connect on a deeper level with them and their energy as well as see past events that had happened as well as what their future looked like.  

The first person I ever read was a Asian man, I remember looking at his palms and thinking that it was like reading a fabulous book.

After confirmation from the group that evening I was pushed by my very supportive parents out into the world. I did my first psychic fair that year and have never looked back.

My Approach and Daily Rituals

How do your daily rituals and positive mindset contribute to your work as a psychic medium, and what advice would you give to those seeking to develop their intuitive gifts?

I have developed a reputation for being a no nonsense say it exactly as my guides and spirits are giving it to me psychic medium.  I am known for giving people a boot in the butt when they need a positive boost to get going.  For all of this I am proud.  I am grateful for my gift and only use it in the most positive and peaceful way.

I have been fortunate to have my mother as my mentor and have had many others along the way that have helped me to grow and learn. I give credit to the books and movie “The Secret” as I live and breathe positivity daily, always looking for the good in each day and in everyone I meet.

My daily ritual is to wake in the morning with positive affirmations that it is going to be a great day and I will receive only good things.

I have a mantra that I use as well and on challenging days I will make it almost a chant as I am going through my day saying: “I am receiving all good things now and Money comes easily and frequently“.

This has helped me more times in my life to get through a tough day then I can remember.  I also journal and do vision boards constantly changing my pictures as the universe delivers and I manifest what is on my vision board.

I do Vision Board workshops to help people build their own and get focussed on there true desires as well as am actively involved as a teacher and mentor in a group for developing your intuition.

I would suggest that anyone whom is looking to develop there intuitive gift start by learning to trust their gut. This truly is where intuition starts. Trust that little voice in your head and when you are ready reach out and try a class or two at an intuitive building group.

Memorable Clients

What are some memorable experiences you’ve had with clients, and how do these experiences demonstrate the impact of your psychic readings on their lives?

This year I will be doing several Psychic fairs in Ontario as well as being a regular guest at My Moon Collective and Moon Water Soul Journey. I look forward to the unique people I meet while at the fairs and seeing customers that have been coming for years. They always come with great stories. 

I once told a client that she had extra money coming, that it was unexpected. Her husband had started a renovation to build a walk in closet for her and they ran out of funds before it was completed. Being a woman of a large family and in business her closet was her happy place so to speak. A month after her reading she reached out to tell me that she had won the weight loss challenge at work and her husband was finishing her closet…lol

I had to laugh as he had joked that he had gotten out of doing it. Yet the universe gave her the exact amount they needed to finish it.

My most favorite client was a lady whom spent 4 years doing fertility drugs etc to have a child of her own. Her and her husband wanted so desperately to be parents of their own child. While doing her reading I saw her rocking a child. Her palms also showed me a child of her own.  I suggested a vision board and to change her mindset from I am never going to be able to have a child to I am absolutely going to have a baby of my own. 3 years later her daughter was born. She sends me pictures and updates as she is now in her 20’s and my client has became a pro at vision boards.

Psychic Reading Process

What is your approach to psychic readings, and how do you use palmistry, guidance from your spirit guides, and Goddess cards in your readings?

For me doing readings is not about being right, or proving someone wrong. It is about helping them to see the possibilities, changing their way of thinking to a more positive one and giving closure with messages from loved ones on the other side.

For my readings, I start by reading your palms, Yes both.  From there I receive messages from my guides and spirit that come to visit my clients. I will focus on certain areas if asked. Ex: love, career etc.

I do pull Goddess cards at the end of my readings, usually I will do 2 sets. Each reading is designed to the client’s specific request and needs.  I also offer group readings as well.

I wish each and every reader Peace and Abundance of many Blessings,

Mystic Mandy.

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