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Meet Miriam Pfeil: A Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer. Miriam’s journey to professional success is inspiring and life-changing. With a deep connection to the spiritual realm, her path was shaped by personal challenges and profound awakenings. Offering Naturopathic Nutrition, Reiki Healing, and Psychic Readings, Miriam guides clients to clarity and healing. Explore her insights, standout moments, and predictions for spirituality. Read all about her in this interview.

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A Journey in Psychic Mediumship and Healing

How did your spiritual abilities develop into a professional career in psychic mediumship and healing through the years?

I always felt different to others as a child. I was always highly sensitive and able to see, feel and hear spirits from a young age onwards. I had to rely on my intuitive skills from early on due to a dysfunctional family environment. When I was 23 (2010), I broke up with my son’s father, I felt a calling to see a Psychic Medium. She told me that I had the same gift and that I would be practising within the spiritual field and become hugely successful.

In 2011, I decided to train as a Reiki Healing Practitioner whilst developing within a Psychic Circle alongside working for the airline industry as cabin crew for 4 years. I then changed my work to the London Ambulance service. I re-trained to become an emergency medical technician for about 3 years and did Psychic Medium Readings part- time.

I further developed my Reiki Healing skills. I was in a very toxic relationship from Feb 2013 – Dec 2016. On the 25th December 2016 at 4AM, I experienced a life- changing epileptic seizure ! It was very scary, I suffered from heavy brain fog and low mood for 6 months after that.

From that day onwards, my entire life changed. I lost my job as an emergency crew due to the seizure. I was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy. I lost my driving licence (because you are not allowed to drive if you have seizures) and I broke up from my narcissistic, toxic partner. It was all triggered by stress, lack of sleep, toxins and wrong food.

I started meditating daily for a minimum of 30-45 minutes and experienced a huge awakening in Feb.2017, when I experienced a HUGE spiritual download and healing. I have never experienced anything like this since, but it made me realise that it was my purpose to work with spirit from day onwards.

I started my own Meditation Circles and Psychic Circles from home, doubled my readings and offered Reiki healing from my own home. I completed my Reiki Master and started teaching as well. My new full time holistic business Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healing was born! I have not looked back since 🙂 . In 2018 I began to study. In March 2023 I completed my degree as Naturopathic Nutritionist Dipl. NT mANP as well.

Who are the influential figures or mentors that have shaped your spiritual journey?

I totally love Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham), Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mel Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Dr. F. DeMartini, Bob Proctor, Tracy Edwards (TRULY AMAZING Trance Medium, Kent).

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Soulful Services and Guidance

What services do you provide to help guide and uplift your clients?

Please feel free to dive into my website:

Naturopathic Nutrition

Reiki Healing and Teachings

Psychic Medium Readings and Healing

Meditation Classes, Psychic Circle and Psychic Development

Cacao Ceremonies

Life and Spiritual Coaching

Events, Training, Webinars

What makes your psychic readings unique, and how do they impact and benefit your clients?

I work from my heart with spirit and enable others to see and feel their own path, truth and clarity again. My readings a very accurate, authentic, uplifting and inspirational. My clients feel totally clear, re-charged and loved after seeing me.

How do you establish deep spiritual connections with clients during readings or sessions?

I sit quietly and ask for the highest and deepest most profound connection.

How do you engage with your local and online spiritual communities?

I regularly offer talks and services at local holistic events. I have my own whats app community.

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Standout Moments and Spiritual Insights

Could you share any standout moments or stories from your career as a psychic?

There are many. I had a lot of people coming back to me after two years saying, that everything I said, came true and how spooky I was. I told one lady that she would split up from her husband, she would get sick and have another child. Everything will come good in the end. (She did not believe me initially) She rang me a year later and told me that she got divorced, she fell pregnant and she had breast cancer, now she has recovered from it. 🙂

What tips do you have for individuals going through their own spiritual journey or awakening?

Meditate daily, meditate, meditate. Be kind to yourself, don’t compare yourself, trust in spirits divine timing and walk in nature outside. Write, journal.

What daily rituals or practices can help improve spiritual growth and connection?

Meditate daily, meditate, meditate, light a white or blue candle, call up on your guides, and write affirmations. Write / create your future and walk more in nature outside. Write, journal. Do not point the finger or judge, as it will only harm yourself. Forgive everyone who has harmed you in the past and thank them for this valuable lesson, because you were able to spiritually grow through the teachings, but only if you release the negativity, forgive, rise up and thank them. Don’t hold grudges, they make you ill. Speak your truth always, as authenticity is 4000 times more powerful than just being nice. It is crucial for true spiritual growth, peace and happiness. Step out of the victim zone and take control. If you want change, BE THE CHANGE. What happens to you comes from you (we live in a vibrational universe).

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Forecasting Spiritual Shifts and Personal Visions

What insights or predictions do you have regarding upcoming shifts in spirituality or energy?

You Ro, you have a gift as well. I feel like your life is changing for the better when it comes to work and relationships. You are a success, you had to work hard for it at the beginning though. It will get easier later on.

I feel that this year is a transitional year with a lot of change around financial matters. There will be a lot of upheaval with the weather and high water. It is important to remain grounded, connected and to reflect. (Do the shadow work). A lot of trapped emotions and stickiness will be brought to the surface, we will become more fulfilled, more authentic and more balanced due to this shift. We will go back to basic, natural ways of harvesting, growing and living to save the planet.

What are your future aspirations and plans within the psychic and spiritual community?

I believe that this work will always be part of my life and I will continue to have more clients all over the world. I will be doing more platform work, global inspirational, uplifting talks and healing and I’ll be in numerous magazines, joining podcasts, TV and Online talks shows. I’ll be running my own regular holistic fayres (Rising Soul Events) where mind like individuals come together and help one another. 🙂

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