Psychic Interview: The Butterfly Medium

Psychic Interview: The Butterfly Medium

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Meet The Butterfly Medium, a remarkable figure who merges the worlds of spirituality and art to uncover deep psychic insights. Her journey into this unique realm began when traditional religious paths felt misaligned with her true self, leading her to explore spirituality on her own terms. With a special bond to the spirit world from a young age, she honed her psychic abilities under the guidance of mentors, eventually finding her calling in creating intuitive art through butterfly paintings.

These Psychic Butterflies are more than mere art; they are vibrant, intuitive readings that reflect the client’s past, present, and future, often revealing messages from animal totems, spirit guides, and passed loved ones. Each painting is a unique blend of colours and energies, offering personalized insights and fostering a deep connection between The Butterfly Medium and those she reads for.

In this interview, explores her fascinating world, how she discovered her gift, the significance of butterflies in her work, and the transformative power of her psychic readings.

About The Butterfly Medium

What led you to encounter spirituality, and how has your understanding of it evolved over time?

Spirituality was never something I thought about for many years. I just knew I was different and believed there was something guiding me but didn’t know what. I was not a religious person and found that mainstream religion wasn’t for me as I had grown up going to Sunday school and knew that this wasn’t what God was about.

I did look at other types of faiths and beliefs, borrowing over time a bit from each, but soon I realised it didn’t fit me. It wasn’t until my early forties, that I began to delve into spirituality and what it meant for me. I discovered it was about learning to be true to me, coming from a place of love and doing my best to help others.

Over time it has evolved into a relationship with my Spirit Team, and looking back on past experiences they were giving signs and guided me to where I needed to be. From a young age, I started hearing many voices talking to me. It was like being in a room with invisible people and hearing their conversations.

This brought me great comfort and always felt safe and loved and believed that other kids could hear them too. I have a beautiful memory of 2 invisible playmates that were both male and found out many years later they were both guides of mine. In my early 20’s I was drawn to read Tarot, self-taught as there was no internet to help connect me with any Tarot teachers. I read Tarot for about 25 years.

I went on to meet a lady from England via an online MSN chat group who became my mediumship mentor and encouraged me to do something about my own mediumship ability. She was also instrumental in teaching me the Psychic butterfly art seeing the potential in me to take it further.

Later I was led to a Spiritualist Church in my area where I joined a development circle that helped me understand my psychic and mediumship abilities greatly. I was invited to do the platform regularly and this built my confidence in passing on messages from the spirit world without the need for tools.

Butterflies and Psychic Reading

How are intuitive art and psychic reading connected? Why did you choose to express it specifically through painting butterflies?

Psychic butterflies are a form of intuitive art as intuition plays a big part in the psychic butterfly readings, because often I feel the energy that is building within the colours that are on the canvas. I may not see an image but I know it is there and intuitively interpret how it connects to the client.

I am basically building a psychic link between myself and the client. When I first began this amazing journey, my interpretation was very basic. Now, 14 years later, I have learnt that these butterfly readings give so much more info for the client than any other tool that I know of.

Animal totems will appear helping the client to understand how that is relevant to an area of the past, the present and perhaps the future depending on where it is seen in the butterfly. Images of passed pets, passed loved ones, angels, spirit guides often appear and it’s so rewarding to get validation of a loved one that I have described, especially when it is a dearly loved pet that has passed.

I enjoy working with colour and love how it can give so much information about the client. The more I work with this type of psychic reading, the more I learn, and the added enjoyment of hearing the client being happy with the reading after it’s finished by validating many points of the butterfly.

The original creator of the psychic butterfly, Reverend Robert Johnstone who has now passed, told me that the butterfly grows with you and it’s up to you how you read it, there is no wrong or right way. As long as the client can confirm then you know it is working for you.

I divide the butterfly up into areas which I started to do a few years ago as this is how it was working for me and the feedback that was given by the client when passing on messages and guidance that were seen in many areas of the painting. It has also evolved and grown as my own abilities have grown, so it is safe to say it has grown with me. Images also appear while I am reading the energy of the painting because it is sitting in my energy.

Do certain themes or patterns in butterfly paintings convey messages or insights during psychic readings? For example, certain colours, symbols, energy, and flow.

No, because each butterfly is unique to the client; no two paintings are the same. I could use the same seven colours and get a different result each time. I intuitively choose seven colours for the reading, and they are placed on the canvas in the order I chose them by making a puddle of paint in the middle.

The canvas is then folded in half, I spread the paint out which gives that butterfly look. I then open it up and I may start in the same place for some of the butterflies, because I get drawn to an area to begin the reading. It may be the present, the past, the higher self, foundation, or the near future. There is a lot of symbology that I have noticed, and sometimes the same symbol may have a different meaning for two separate readings depending on where in the butterfly it is located, etc. I have also learnt that as my energy builds during the reading, images can appear, especially past loved ones and spirit guides.

How do you interpret the messages or meanings that emerge from your intuitive creations?

A lot of it is just knowing with the symbols and other images that may appear that are not passed loved ones, etc. For example, recently I saw a genie bottle; this had two meanings, an item linked to the client’s occupation and keeping certain memories contained. Not wanting to let the “genie out of the bottle”. In the early days, I did a lot of practice; it’s what works best for me. I have also learnt to trust what I am sensing, seeing, feeling, etc., because trust is also a big part of intuition.

Could the presence of butterflies in artwork act as symbols for transformation or spiritual growth in psychic interpretations? Do your clients experience such transformation after the reading?

Yes, butterflies are often seen as symbolic of transformation, helping the person to perhaps “lift” themselves off the ground with something in their life. A sense of moving forward and a sign from a passed loved one too. I am sure the client does experience some form of transformation after the reading. It’s wonderful to get a message from a loved one but even better to see them in the painting, double bonus. I do strive to make the reading a positive experience so they leave feeling happy, hopeful, and excited about what is to come.

What other kinds of art or paintings do you create besides butterflies?

I have been dabbling in acrylic pour painting or fluid art as it is sometimes called. I started this as part of my healing journey and was drawn to it because I didn’t need to use a paintbrush as traditional painting uses brushes, something I found very difficult from childhood. I never considered myself an artist as I didn’t feel good enough, but art is about creating and self-expression, not feeling you need to compete with others.

Intuitive Art

How do you read colours in a painting and what kind of energy do they possess? Is it akin to aura and chakra reading?

All colours on the colour spectrum vibrate at a certain frequency. They all have a meaning. For example, if you were to close your eyes and visualise the colour red, what would you feel from it? Does it feel calming or full of vibrancy? It also depends on the shade of colour as bright red has a different meaning and energy compared to dark red.

Some may not feel anything, whereas others will, because we are all different. But you can learn to feel energy if you are encouraged with the right method for you. Aura colours are perhaps the same, as the aura field is energy that surrounds the physical body. Those colours can be interpreted, with the same for chakra colours.

You also teach intuitive art in workshops. Do you believe that everyone can use art or any other form of creation to tap into their psychic abilities?

Yes, I do teach this online as a 6-week workshop. I believe anyone can use art or any other form to develop their psychic abilities. Everyone is psychic, but it’s also the willingness to develop. Not everyone wants to, because they may not believe, or are interested, or even fearful of how to develop. I have found this course can help develop clairvoyance, intuition, and mediumship more, or bring those wonderful psychic senses out to be explored further.

Interesting Stories

Have you ever had surprising or unexpected insights while working on an intuitive art piece?

In a recent butterfly for a lady, an image began to appear of a man who looked quite muscular, wearing a T-shirt that was cut off at the shoulders, there was a slight shadow on his face suggesting facial hair, but not a full beard. He also wore a cap and was standing side on looking downwards. I noticed that there was a small baby’s face that was bright yellow underneath his face with more of the same colour below that. This image was very close to the present area of the client’s life. She told me that this was her cousin who was in intensive care currently in a coma at the time of the reading, and the baby was his 14-week-old son. This is the first time I have had someone appearing that was alive but in a coma.

A butterfly I read for a gentleman a couple of years ago had an image of a man that looked very much like a photo and was in the middle of the butterfly. When I described the man, the client told me that it was his uncle who had only passed a few days before. I am always surprised and excited when new insights appear in the butterfly as it shows me that it’s always evolving and changing as energy does.

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