Do you tip a psychic?

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We are used to tipping the waiter at a restaurant for great service, or the hairdresser for exceptional work, the delivery person for bringing us the package or food in a timely manner. However, when we talk about psychics or other kinds of spiritual workers, it is not clear to us what the social norms are, and we find ourselves asking the question: “Do you tip a psychic?

For that reason, I decided to conduct a small survey asking people the question “Do you tip a psychic?” and here are the results:

  • 75% answered “yes”.
  • 25% answered “no”.

So according to the findings, the majority of people (75%) who went to a psychic reader declared that they did tip him or her. Nevertheless, a small portion of the respondents (25%) said that they didn’t tip a divine worker. Therefore, we can conclude with high probability that tipping is usually a solid part of the psychic services industry.

In addition, I asked psychics about the average tip amount they often receive from clients:

  • 55% received between $0 – $10.
  • 25% received between $11 – $20.
  • 10% received between $21 – $30.
  • 5% received between $31 – $50.
  • 5% received more than $50.

So if you already decided to tip a psychic and don’t know how much, then most of the customers tip an amount ranging from $0 to $10; higher amounts do happen but are less likely.

It is important to note that tipping conventions might alter because of many factors. For example, the type of psychic reading (tarot vs mediumship), the professional level (beginner vs experienced) of the diviner, and the place (internet or in person). Furthermore, in some cultures tipping a psychic is very common and might be extremely expected, like in New Orleans, USA, whereas in other societies, no one expects to make this kind of gesture – for example, Japan. In the Far East, the whole price is already included in the service.

Let’s assume that you had an amazing psychic reading, not only did you get predictions about the future, answers to your questions, and insightful guidance, but you also had fun and a great time. In this circumstance, you will want to show them how thankful you are and leave a tip. But always remember that in the end, tipping a psychic is optional and it is up to you to decide.

How much should I tip a psychic?

As seen previously, people often tip up to $10, and it might go up to $30 as well. But I want to help you further down to get to the right decision when thinking about “How much should I tip a psychic?” So here are more points to examine:

Personal Connection: If you felt a strong connection to the reader during the session, you might be willing to show your appreciation with a bigger amount of money.

Quality of the Reading: If you had a good session and think you got good value for your money, or it was an extraordinary service, a generous monetary appreciation is recommended. But on the other hand, if the psychic didn’t perform well and overall didn’t deliver good service, then you might consider not tipping at all.

Type of session: When the reading is longer or more complex, you might want to tip higher because the spiritualist invested lots of effort and devotion to the treatment. However, if it was just a 5-minute palm reading, then the interaction is short and minimal, with no obligation from your side to give a little extra.

Financial situation: Your financial capabilities are also a factor when considering how much you should tip. To put it in short words, if you are tight on money, you cannot afford a $100 tip.

Alternatives to tipping a psychic

Now, if for some reason you are not comfortable with tipping a psychic or feel that you can contribute and show gratitude in a different manner, here are some appropriate alternatives:

Referrals: Business owners always like it when you refer new customers to them. In fact, it is the most solid strategy to gain more revenue. Therefore, you can tell him or her that you would love to bring them new prospects like acquaintances, colleagues, family, and friends.

Repeat Business: Coming again to the same psychic in the future means that you are happy with the service. It conveys that you are going to build a long-lasting relationship with the spiritualist and spend more money later.

Testimonials: Similar to positive reviews, you can provide testimonials on their website or social profiles like a Facebook page. Such feedback is evidence of high reliability and superb psychic abilities. It will convince more people to have a divine session with them.

Workshops or Events: A similar alternative for gratuity is to attend workshops, events, seminars, and courses that the psychic offers. Not only will you pay for them more, but you will also support their work while you are developing in the spiritual aspect of life.

Positive Reviews: Posting positive reviews on the internet will also enable them to attract more people to their small business. The popular platforms are Google reviews, Yelp, and social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

Online Promotion: You can help your psychic reach a wider audience by spreading the word online. And to be more exact, to share their content by liking, subscribing, commenting, linking, and republishing their posts.

Show Gratitude: Sometimes the simplest option is to just say “Thank You”.

Pro and cons of tipping a psychic

As you wonder if you should tip a psychic, you might take the pros and cons into consideration:

Pros of Tipping a Psychic

Showing appreciation: By giving extra money, you deliver a solid message that you are thankful for the time and energy the diviner has spent in supplying the best illumination for your situation.

Encouragement: If you are satisfied, then a tip will surely encourage the psychic to continue delivering good practice. They might also show gratitude back by offering discounts or other extra services. It builds a relationship, and they usually would take care of you more.

Supporting income: Most psychics make a living from their job. So every time you pay, you help them to make a living and continue to use their gift to help others.

Cons of Tipping a Psychic

Expectation: If you tip the psychic the first time you meet them, they will expect to continue getting tips from you in future appointments. It will put pressure on you to do it every time, risking the relationship between you two.

Misunderstanding: Depending on where you live or where you are going to get a psychic reading, some cultures might see it as unsuitable because, according to their spiritual beliefs, money and divination shouldn’t be connected in that manner. Furthermore, they might feel you want to influence them or their work and predictions; they may think you are trying to buy them.

Unequal service: It might induce a negative norm that only if you pay more will you get good service, and if you pay a small amount, you will get poor service. This leads to unequal treatments and lack of honesty. You cannot trust such a person at all.

Warning signs in tipping a psychic

Here are some red flags to consider when tipping a psychic:

Asking for tips: If the psychic you are seeing is asking for a tip or giving you bold signs that he or she would like to get more money, then it is a huge warning sign. Some might pressure you to do it or feel uncomfortable, so in this case, you shouldn’t agree to it.

Accuracy for tips only: Some bad psychics will give you vague readings; they will try to catch your interest and make you eager to know the rest of the predictions. But then they will stop and hint that you should pay them more for unveiling the secret information. A real psychic will not do this and won’t base predictions on the amount of money you pay or not.

Negative reviews: You would be surprised, but many people who were pressured to pay a tip have left bad reviews on social media sites, so it’s worth checking there too before the session.