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Introducing Rianne, a certified Tarot advisor whose lifelong fascination with Tarot led her to formal training. With a focus on enabling clients to shape their futures, she offers personalized readings and fosters insightful conversations during sessions. Incorporating crystals and daily card pulls into her practice, Rianne emphasizes intuition and exploration. Looking ahead, she anticipates further growth in spirituality and hopes to share her knowledge by teaching Tarot in the future. Discover more about her Tarot journey in this exclusive interview on

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From Childhood Curiosity to Certified Tarot Advisor

What sparked your interest in Tarot cards and led you to pursue formal training as a Tarot reader?

I remember my first experience with Tarot cards from my childhood. We had a family friend who practiced Tarot and other forms of spiritual work who had come over to our house to give Tarot readings to my parents. Although I was not permitted to sit in on most of the readings, I felt an immediate pull towards the ritual, sacredness, and wisdom of Tarot.

I saw how the cards and their reader could pull out information that no one but the querent would know, and how they could predict potential outcomes for the future. I knew that this was something that I not only wanted access to for my own life, but also something that I wanted to learn to do for others.

Throughout my life, I dabbled in Tarot and Oracle cards, with my first deck being The Rider-Waite. I practiced Tarot independently, doing small readings for friends and family. Then, in 2021 I enrolled in the Biddy Tarot Certification Program. For a year I studied, grew my knowledge of Tarot, and gave readings to people all over the world, graduating as a Certified Biddy Tarot Advisor in 2022.

Now I run a small side business doing Tarot Readings for clients in my spare time!

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Tarot Services: A Personalized Approach to Guidance

How does your approach to Tarot readings distinguish itself from others in the field of psychic readings or spiritual counseling?

My ultimate goal through my Tarot Readings is to not just make predictions, but to equip my clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to take their futures into their own hands.

My belief in Tarot and spirituality is that our choices and actions affect our direction and that we have the power to create our own futures. I always see a prediction as a potential outcome for a situation, meaning: “This is the direction you’re heading if you were to make no changes.” If this is the direction that you want to go, then keep doing what you’re doing! If this is not the direction that you want to go, then what steps can you take to get the outcome that you actually want?

In some cases, maybe the outcome that you want isn’t necessarily in your best interest. If that’s the case then Tarot has a way of illuminating things and providing people with the information that they need to make informed decisions about their lives and futures.

In order to make a reading more empowering for my clients, I like to take a question and expand it further to equip them with the power and confidence to navigate their situation. I’m sure all Tarot Readers have been asked the question: “Will I get back with my Ex?”. Taking this question as an example, I would ask my cards things such as:

What is the potential for reconciling with my ex?

What worked well in my relationship with my ex?

What were the challenges in my relationship with my ex?

What might the relationship look like if my ex and I were to get back together?

Asking these questions would give the client information to determine not just if they will get back together with their ex, but if doing so is even in alignment with what they want.

I believe that all readers put their unique beliefs and interpretations into their readings, and it’s all about finding a reader that resonates with you and what you want out of a reading!

What Tarot services do you provide, and how do they empower and support your clients as they journey through life’s uncertainties?

I currently offer written Tarot Readings and online Tarot Readings for my clients, as well as free card pulls and Tarot videos on my social media.

Written readings are delivered in a PDF format with pictures and some other extras! I love doing these readings because it allows me extra time to sit with the messages of the cards, and of course it’s a nice keepsake for the client!

Online Tarot Readings are done by video call and are a more flexible reading where multiple topics can be covered during a session as long as time permits.

Who has profoundly influenced your spiritual journey, and how?

Brigit Esselmont, the founder of Biddy Tarot is at the top of the list for me. She has made Tarot so accessible and has contributed so many amazing resources to the Tarot community. She’s a phenomenal teacher!

Spiritual Exploration: Rituals, Connections, and Future Outlook

What advice do you offer individuals navigating their own spiritual awakening or journey?

Everyone’s journey is going to look different because we’re all here to learn and evolve in our own way. Follow your intuition and explore what calls to you!

Based on your experience, what daily rituals or practices do you recommend for enhancing spiritual growth and fostering a deeper connection?

My favorite daily ritual is a single card pull of either a Tarot or Oracle card. I enjoy doing this either in the morning before I begin my day, or at the end of the day when I’m reflecting. I’ll ask my cards things such as:

  • What should I be mindful of today?
  • What might I encounter from my day today?
  • What message do I most need to hear today?
  • What lesson can I take from today?

This practice is a lovely form of self care and can give you some really valuable insights. You might find a lot of synchronicity by pulling the same card day after day until you’ve put the card’s message into practice!

How do you enhance spiritual connection with clients during sessions?

I enjoy having intimate conversations with my clients as opposed to simply reciting a reading to them. I find this leads to a more valuable and impactful reading where the client can feel truly heard and seen.

I also like to incorporate different crystals to amplify the energies of the reading and to create a safe space.

The last thing that I enjoy doing particularly with my written readings, is including reflection questions. Sometimes I feel as though a card is calling the client to turn inward and this is a great way to guide the client into finding answers within themselves. Like the High Priestess card tells us, “you have all the knowledge you need, all you have to do is ask”.

What changes do you anticipate in spirituality and psychic work? How will you contribute through Tarot readings and teaching?

It’s been very exciting to see Tarot, Psychic Work, and Spirituality become more mainstream and accessible over the last few years. A lot of negative stigma is being removed from this line of work and I feel that people are looking for help in whatever way that they can find it. I believe that the future is only going to bring more growth and opportunity for both Practitioners and Clients!

I hope to continue giving Tarot Readings and expanding my client base going forward. I’m also a natural teacher so I would love to teach Tarot to others in the future!

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