Interview: Angel Morgan – Media Clairvoyant & Animal Communicator

Psychic Angel Morgan

Meet Angel Morgan, a skeptic turned spiritual guide, who shares her profound experiences and unique gifts as a Media Clairvoyant and Animal Communicator. Through her passion for growth and innate connection to animals, Angel offers psychic readings and spiritual counseling that resonate deeply with clients. With a keen understanding of the fascination with psychic readings, Angel encourages individuals to listen, dismiss nothing, and have the courage to act on their intuition. As psychic work continues to evolve, Angel remains dedicated to contributing to its growth, providing meaningful messages to all who seek her guidance. Read all about her in this interview.

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My Journey from Skeptic to Spiritual Guide

How did you transition from skepticism to embracing psychic reading and spiritual work, and what has your journey been like since then?

I was a non-believer. Even though I had profound experiences since I was a child I was taught this was something that wasn’t real or spoken of. 

At age 6 I was in a devastating car accident and after that my experiences intensified. I was able to see human spirits, feel and know things that were beyond the tangible. 

Life wasn’t easy. I would rationalize each encounter away. As a teen it almost drove me insane. 

The one constant in my life were the animals in my world. They were always there. They grounded me, they healed me. 

In my late 20’s medicine people from Peru eventually showed me the way. Their ceremonies activated a new way of working, They told me I would talk to animals and change lives. 

After that through magickal circumstances I was given the opportunity to work and learn in a little store in Newmarket Ontario. It’s where I stayed until my first stage appearance then radio appearance and subsequently becoming the host of my own tv show where I am able to work with audiences bringing through messages. 

Passion for Growth: Sharing the Gifts of Psychic Work

What is it about psychic work that you love most? and how do you share it?

I love watching people grow. I have been doing this long enough now to see people change in ways that are miraculous. I’ve seen puppies get old, and families have families of their own! 

I love being part of a really amazing paranormal team (Canadian Paranormal Investigations) and I adore talking to animals! 

I love sharing the messages and teachings of the elders that have trained me. And I really enjoy doing my LIVES on social media where I offer free stuff… readings, ceremony, and where I have the opportunity to give people tips and techniques to develop their own intuition. I also share through stage work, and the odd class I teach in psychic development and animal communications.

I do truly believe that we are all psychic to one degree or another and it is a natural part of who we are and our birthright.

What makes your psychic readings and spiritual counseling unique?

My greatest gift is my comfort and ease with audiences and animals. I love working onstage and television because I reach so many people at once! I love my one on one work as well. Animal validate this world of magick I live in and helps to give a voice to so many that would otherwise live in silence. 

Understanding the Fascination with Psychic Readings

Why do people feel the need to go to a psychic? Why do they choose you specifically? 

People are innately curious creatures. They may want closure or to see what’s coming for them. They may even want guidance and reassure, but ultimately they want to know what this work is all about. There is a part of us that wants answers from something greater than ourselves. They want to know there is something after this life. They want reassurance that we as a species are special and more than just skin and bone. 

My understanding of this world can be considered unique. I call myself a psychic as that’s what is accepted and understood. Truthfully, I am a realm walker. I see between worlds not just past the veil. I connect to past lives, guides, guardians and others that most readers don’t. 

People say to me all the time, “I just felt a connection”, “something drew me to you” and sometimes it’s simply “my friends have seen you and loved you” lol!!! 

I also have many fans and a modest viewership on social media. I find my Facebook show and blog, My psychic lifestyle are popular places for people to find me and ask questions when I do my free readings, mini seminars and the such. 

I do this so people who have never experienced this world can see how it works, and again it’s another platform for me to give tips and techniques on how to develop abilities. It’s my give back for my fortunate circumstances. 

How do your services contribute to your clients feeling at peace, inspired, and guided?

I offer both one on one sessions virtually and in office. I do Akashic records readings, mediumship, general readings, and of course animal communications. 

Many of my clients come seeking closure or guidance. With animals they mostly look to connect on deeper levels with the ones that are here and for those that are crossed they want to make sure they transitioned well. Each of my clients, no matter the circumstance, leave feeling empowered and with a better deeper understand of their situation and themselves. 

My live shows give people an experience they will never forget! Group readings tend to bring people together in a new understanding because so many are witnessing the gift of spirit at the same time. It feels safer to explore and acknowledge when others are experiencing as well. 

Spiritual Teachings, Animal Communication, and Psychic Evolution

Discuss teachings that have had a significant impact on your spiritual journey.

One of the very first spirits that I worked with was a South American man. He told me once, “There are no such things as problems in life, only opportunities to learn and grow”. I live by this. 

What fundamental guidance would you offer to individuals beginning their spiritual awakening or journey?

The greatest yet simplest thing I teach:


•Dismiss nothing

•Have the courage to act on what you get. 

Do animals want to communicate? And why? 

They most certainly do! They have so much to say and have waited so long to be able to express love, gratitude, everyday feelings they have about their lives. Their wants and needs are met by most families, so this work goes deeper into this and so much more for them. We are like UN interpreters lol! 

How has psychic work changed in your 25 years of experience, and how do you plan to continue contributing to its growth in the future?

In the 25 years I have been a reader I have seen acceptance. People like myself are embraced and less feared. We are becoming more popular and are now considered supporting or supplementary modalities for many mainstream healing work. Many communicators are now working with vets and psychics with psychologist and councilors. 

I hope to be of service in anyway I can. By deepening my own work and understanding of self, I hope to be able to make my messages more meaningful, joyful and profound for anyone coming to sit with me either privately or in any of my audiences. 

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