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Psychic Medium Kelly Lindsay

Join me in exploring the remarkable journey of Psychic Medium Kelly Lindsay. Her journey to spirituality began in the Adirondack Mountains, where she built her own cabin and raised three children as a single parent. Since 1976, she offers services such as psychic readings and spiritual counseling, empowering people to navigate their spiritual awakening with integrity and authenticity. Read all about her transformative journey and insightful services in the exclusive interview on

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From Off-Grid Living to Global Service: A Life Journey

I live in the Adirondack Park, up-state N.Y., in a cabin that I built myself in 1985, and where I raised three children as a single parent. We lived off-grid and grew our own food. In 1999 after my kid had grown up and left home, I began my world travels.  I served for various humanitarian causes the world over for 21 years while living with monks in ashrams in Thailand, India, and South America, to name a few, before returning to my cabin in the woods in 2020, where I still find great peace. I continue to read for clients virtually and in person daily.

Spiritual Evolution in Psychic Reading

What initially drew you to psychic reading or spiritual work, and how has your practice evolved over time?

My approach and methods continue to evolve.  

Like other healers, I share a common desire to help people live their best lives. I believe it’s our Karma to serve. Anytime I’ve ever tried to do something else I’m unhappy and life becomes a struggle. Unfortunately, there’s no handbook or guide so it’s vital to learn healthy boundaries and self awareness. Change is the only thing we can count on.

Remaining open can be challenging in a world that projects fear, but it’s vital to the psychic. Therefore, I utilize spiritual tools such as Kirtan, the art of devotional singing. It’s a channel that keeps the heart open and helps me maintain a sense of joy.

Fortunately, my parents supported my visionary experiences in my early childhood. While others accused me of having a big imagination, my parents were curious and often asked me questions rather than attempting to shame or discount my experience.

My earliest memory of a psychic prediction was in 1962, at the age of four, when I told my step-grandfather that his son Bobby wouldn’t come home from the war and that I saw his name on a big wall. No one understood why I saw his name on a big wall until the 1980s when they built the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Later that day, the military came to my grandparent’s home to tell Grandpa that Bobby stepped on a land mine and had passed away. While Uncle Bobby’s body was never buried in a grave, his name was later engraved on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, where my step-grandfather was able to gain some of the closure he needed. 

As a shy child, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, yet I felt compelled to share the information I knew with those around me.   

Self awareness, openness and utilizes spiritual tools continues to help me navigate this complex phenomenon we call psychic.

What sets your approach to psychic readings or spiritual counseling apart from others?

We as individuals approach our clients in unique ways, therefore, I can’t speak for others, however, some of the principles I share with clients instinctively spring from my formal education in Mental Health counseling.

I also find myself Life Couching clients since I wish for them to see there life as a journey where things don’t happen to them, but for them, and once we fully get that we can navigate the changes that appear more skillfully.

Kirtan, (devotional singing), reading spiritual books written by enlightened teachers and mediation are my go to’s that support my readings with clients.

Sacred Services: Empowering Spiritual Growth

What services do you provide, and how do they empower and support your clients along their journey?

Below are some of the more popular readings I offer. For more information, please visit my website: 


What to expect from a tarot session.

* A tarot reading will clarify your current situation and show your direction based on your thoughts and actions. It will identify the folks in your environment who either support or block you.

* A tarot reading can provide information about your Karmic connection to those around you.

* Loved ones who have crossed invariably enter the readings to share what’s happening with them.

* It clarifies your hopes, and fears and targets if an event is fated or has a free will quality. 

* Generally, I see a time frame for significant events and changes which allows the client time to prepare. 

A Past Life Reading:

A Past Life Reading can revel the souls lessons, it’s talents and gifts, or interests that we carry from one life to the next.

A Past Life Reading may show us if we are here again to correct a mistake from our past life, or if we’ve returned to complete unfinished business. It can show who we have Karma with be it good or bad. 

Soul Retrieval:

A Soul Retrieval is one of the most essential healings one can receive. It is something we can all benefit from to feel whole and fully alive. 

Soul Retrieval is the process used by a Shaman to re-unite fragmented parts of one’s soul.

Soul Loss is a term that describes fragmented energy that has separated itself from our essential “whole self-energy,” otherwise known as Disassociation.

Several methods assist in returning a lost soul part. For example, one can retrieve a soul part through hypnosis or in a psychotherapy session. However, the latter two can take years of hard work, whereas a trained Shaman can retrieve up to three lost soul parts in one session.

One the soul parts are retrieved the individual feels whole, grounded and happier.

What tools or techniques do you use to connect with clients on a deeper spiritual level during readings or sessions?

The setting is important to my process. I need a clean, quite high vibration environment while I read for my clients.

My kitchen table, is filled with crystals. I count on them to absorb fear and negative energy and lift the vibe in support of the session. No worries; I clean them regularly.

Mediation before the client arrives helps me to gain insight on what the client needs.  

Before going into mediation, I ask Spirit to send me a message for the people I will work with this day.

Just the other day I received a message about a woman in a car accident. I saw a young piece of her soul standing beside the road. I could tell the car crash had happened a long time ago, and this trauma caused her to take life very seriously. She lost her joy that day. She needed a Soul Retrieval but she was scheduled for a Tarot reading.

The message became apparent when the appointment that was supposed to follow hers was unexpectedly rescheduled. Then I knew something was up!

Not surprisingly, when she arrived for her Tarot reading, she asked me if she could switch her appointment to a Soul Retrieval. When I asked her what changed her mind, she said, “I just want to feel lighter and laugh more. I’m hoping a soul retrieval will make the difference.” 

Meditation connects us with our higher self, and when this happens, the universe organizes things for us. 

As mentioned before Kirtan, and spiritual scripture are other technique I use to connect with myself which intern helps me connect with my clients.

Involvement in Spiritual Community and Mentor Influence

Describe ways you’re involved in your local or online spiritual community, such as leading workshops or events.

I read approximately 1,200 clients a year virtually around the globe or one-on-one from my cabin in the Adirondack Mountains.

I hold reading parties in clients’ homes, teach workshops on Shamanism, and teach folks to develop their psychic abilities. I taught yoga and meditation classes throughout Adirondack Park in town halls and churches, North Country Community College and North Country School, mental health facilities, and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. For more than ten years. I still give talks on spirituality at the North Country Spiritualism church every fall.

Who are the influential teachers or mentors that have significantly impacted your spiritual journey, and how have their teachings shaped your path?

I’ve been blessed to have three primary teachers on my spiritual path. I met my first guru at the age of seventeen in 1976 when he pulled out of a crowd of ten thousand students he said; “When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” His name was Swami Rama of the Himalayas.

On the day he released his body in 1995, he came to me in a vision and sent me to my second Guru, Gurumi Chidvilasananda, of the Siddha Yoga ashram in South Falls-burgh, NY, and in Ganeshpuri India. He predicted I would meet her in three days and so it was. Her ashram closed ten years later, when she handed me to my final guru, with whom I currently work and who wishes to remain anonymous.

All three of these teachers and I have shared hundreds of lifetimes and have contracted to return to our studies again with each incarnation. They are fully enlightened beings who spend each lifetime as spiritual teachers. When they are not teaching, they are meditating. The teachings are a comprehensive study program of inner work that includes why we are here, what we are here to accomplish, and how to live consciously through a consistent commitment to our spiritual practices. All of them have authored many books that can be found with a little effort.

Spiritual Guidance and Future Insights

What advice would you give to individuals navigating their spiritual awakening or journey?

Be consistent. Be honest with yourself and others. Meditate daily. Live according to your integrity. Be Authentic! Love yourself as much as you do others. Limit cellular time. Listen to music. Sing & dance. Read spiritual scripture daily. Your choices matter, so take your time making them. Learn to contemplate what you want from life. Be selective when choosing friends. Everyday ask; “Who Am I?”

If you’re unhappy, find a healer and do the work necessary to find your joy.

Keep your vibrational energy high. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Remember this: Every flower blossoms when the conditions are just right for it to unfold.

How do you envision the future of spirituality and psychic work, and how do you see yourself evolving and contributing to this field in the coming years?

It’s become evident that people are evolving rapidly. Folks are raising their Kundalini energy and awakening to their psychic ability.

Knowing that energy flows outward to those around us tells me that people are awakening more spontaneously! 

Therefore, while our political leaders create turmoil, we will individually hold our own council and enjoy a happier life regardless. Anyone who’s gone to Northern India can see the contrast between their barren environment and the bright Spirit of the people. 

It’s hard to say if my contribution to this field of awakening will change. I’m flexible and willing to do whatever I’m called to. 

Please share any insights or predictions about upcoming spiritual or energetic shifts that are important for your clients to be aware of.

We can see, and feel our universe evolving, and the shifts are speeding up. Keeping a high vibe is critical to overall mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s time to get in shape. “Life is a daring adventure or nothing!” Winston Churchill.

We create our reality; how do you want yours to look? “What we believe we receive.” Buddha. These words sound cliche, but are they? Contemplate them; they’ll help guide you the turbulence ahead. 

Please share any interesting stories from your career as a psychic or spiritual worker.

To save time in this interview, please refer to my book listed on, titled

“Tribal Telepathy” A collection of true stories from a clairvoyant.

Author; Kelly Lindsay

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