I Received Negative Psychic Reading! (Bad Predictions)

Getting a psychic reading is very common among people who need some guidance and predictions about their personal future. Nevertheless, what should you do if you receive a negative psychic reading or bad predictions? How can you deal with the fact that you have heard some information you didn’t expect or anticipate?

Coping with a negative psychic reading can be really hard, especially if you are in a bad situation and now you were told that it is going to get worse. The quick fix is to focus on strengthening your feelings and creating positive thoughts.

In this article, I will address very simple points and practical actions to deal with the emotional confusion. So make sure you read everything because these tools come from my experience as a psychic reader, and hopefully, they will help you move on and create the life you desire.

Perspective and RationalizationAction and EmpowermentCoping and Adjustment
Take a deep breathPsychic accuracyWrite it downBe positive
Seek supportCultivate skepticismSecond opinionSeek proof
Reflect and meditateEducate yourselfEmpower actionsLimit exposure
Get helpDetachPlan actionsNurture resilience
GroundingChange your beliefsLearn from itAccept uncertainty

Table of Contents

Emotional Wellness

Take a deep breath: when you receive a negative psychic reading, your instant reaction is to feel scared and anxious, your heart rate races faster, you might get sweaty, and some react with tears as well. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of these symptoms and just pause. Clear your mind and take a deep breath, inhale until all the air fills your lungs, and exhale until the air is drained, and repeat the process a few times – as much as needed.

The time you take, even if it’s just a few seconds or minutes, can help you relax and calm your nervous system. In this phase, you can choose how to react to the bad predictions, giving you the chance to cool off and prevent yourself from taking irrational steps.

Seek support: another good piece of advice is to talk to friends and family about the bad psychic predictions that have been delivered to you. By conversing with close people, we can see things from a different perspective, get advice on what should be our next steps, and maybe you can understand that the news is actually not as bad as it sounds. They can also help you with emotional support and reduce the stress level.

It will also blur the negativity of the predictions and mix it with some positive thoughts and energies, which ultimately might reduce the negative impact. Furthermore, you will see that your future is not in the hands of someone who told you something but is in your hands only, as you decide what you would like to bring into your life.

Reflect and meditate: meditation is a powerful tool to remove all negative thoughts and reduce their impact on our mind, soul, and spirit. It assists in detaching ourselves from the things we don’t want to have. Listening to warning signs from a psychic is one thing, but letting it completely overtake you is not healthy. I have seen people who react badly because the predictions forced them to deal with issues they wanted to avoid for years, and actually, the predictions weren’t that scary at all.

Moreover, meditation will give you the chance to reflect on the situation, to view it from a different angle, and more importantly, not to judge. Don’t judge yourself, the psychic, or the universe. Relate the prediction with harmony and acceptance and make your decisions wisely.

Professional help: if the anxiety is still high and you are unable to get back to your daily routine, it might be the right time to search for professional help. Psychologists can supply you with a good approach and techniques to deal with the emotional turmoil and distress signs. You will get the option to express your fears and concerns during the catastrophic thoughts that run inside your mind. At the end, you might develop a much more positive point of view on life overall.

Grounding: one of the best coping mechanisms you can apply when getting a negative psychic reading is to be grounded. It means that you are resilient; you have stability even in challenging phases. In fact, it can help you be stronger and empower you to find good solutions as well. In my opinion, this is the time to be more physically active: go for a hike at the beach, join some yoga classes or the gym, and generally focus on the present time when you are doing these activities.

The productive action you take will focus your mind on the immediate timeline and not on the near or far future. Afterward, you will see how you create life right now you will be convinced that you can create a wonderful reality in the future too.

Perspective and Rationalization

Psychic accuracy: listening to a psychic reader talk about your future is a wonderful experience, however, it is not an exact science and you should take it more as spiritual guidance that can change from one diviner to another. Yes, you can go to two different psychics and get different predictions. The reason lies in the freedom to interpret the symbols.

Also, the interpretation of signs depends on multiple factors, to name a few: the psychic’s skills, your energy, divination tools used like tarot card reading or mediumship, and also nature’s vibrations at the time of the reading. So take with you whatever resonates and ignore what does not resonate, by applying this notion you will build a more productive world for yourself.

Cultivate skepticism: remember that science cannot approve or disapprove of psychic reading completely, so another healthy approach is to be a little skeptical. Apply some critical thinking to the information you are being presented with, use some filters, and decide whether to believe the whole, a part, or nothing at all about the bad prediction or negative reading.

Furthermore, you don’t have to take an extreme approach such as defining yourself as a completely skeptical or a true believer. Balance is the key to navigating through any psychic prediction, whether they are good or bad.

Educate yourself: you need to learn more about the context of divine work, which will give you the right perspective. For example, there are many different tools of divinations, methods, and rituals. Every aspect has a history and theory behind it. Sometimes it might generate good predictions and sometimes not. By understanding the different variations of psychic practices, you will obviously see that results might vary a lot. For example: you can change negative energy and transform it into positive outcomes, the future is fluid, you have free will.

Detaching: take a distance from things that don’t do you good. Don’t let your happiness be hurt and don’t let challenges disrupt your goals. In fact, bad situations are marvelous chances to overcome difficulties and move forward to another destiny. With detaching, you don’t let the sense of doubt lead your way to worse outcomes. Explore the option to be more flexible and open-minded about it, this is how you can get out of the maze when you wrongly think that the universe is against you.

Challenge your beliefs: having a negative psychic reading is an opportunity to change your belief. From what I have seen, many people hold a deterministic point of view, they think that the future or luck is determined and they don’t have the power to change it. And on the other side, there are those who claim that the future changes all the time. The truth is that both are correct and the pure truth is in the middle. Therefore, the lesson you should take from it is that it is time to reshape your beliefs and take proactive measures in order to get the results you want.

Action and Empowerment

Write it down: After you have received the negative news, it is usually a good practice to write everything down. Documenting the negative psychic reading ensures that you have the exact prediction because when we are upset, we tend to forget and distort the given information. Additionally, when you look at it later, you might interpret it differently than in the first moment of anxiety. Another psychological impact of writing is like a therapeutic action; you will be able to process the emotions. After a while, revisit these predictions and see if you think they are still going to come true or not.

Second opinion: Getting insights from another psychic or medium has its benefits as well. It will provide new ideas on how to look at or interpret the divine symbols in another way. A second opinion might be useful because the divine worker might suggest how to maneuver through the bad predictions.

Although psychics will do their best to give you the most accurate reading possible, there are still factors that might vary the results. It’s not about cherry-picking the favorite interpretation, but seeing the situation in a broader perspective and seeking balance and harmony rather than extreme actions and chaos.

Empowering actions: The fundamental of coping with such an unpleasant experience is to be active and not passive. Don’t accept a specific opinion that might bring you down, change the course of destiny proactively, and do the right things you must do to come closer to your main goal and life’s purpose. This is the time to make some changes in your mundane routine, set some new goals, and revise your aspirations. I have seen people that blossomed in moments of despair; they were able to transform their life completely. And in the end, the bad news was the greatest thing they could ever get.

Plan actions: Use the negative reading as fuel for having bigger motivation to change the circumstances and plan your future actions accordingly. Review every area of life you think might need tuning. Don’t run away from responsibility; on the contrary, deal with it from the beginning to the end until it’s resolved. The worst thing you can do is to keep on having obscured or vague action plans. For example, marriage problems should be looked at as communication skills you need to improve, financial problems are usually solved by good saving and budgeting.

Learn from it: Every experience has a lesson to teach you, even if it’s really unpleasant you can gain priceless knowledge out of it so it will not happen in the future. Being at the bottom is a good start for self-reflection and personal development. For example, maybe there are sides of your personality that you haven’t improved yet, such as self-confidence, awareness, and unconditional love. Make it a priority to work on yourself.

Coping and Adjustment

Be positive: When you find misery, don’t sink into it, get away from it as much as you can. Sad feelings are like a snowball; they only get bigger and bigger as we obsess over our thoughts. So direct the negative energy into positive vibes by doing things that you like, something that makes you happy and will take your mind to a nicer realm. By creating joy around yourself, you will attract more joy which will ultimately balance the bad predictions and may also diminish them entirely.

Seek proof: Even though you have got an uneasy future prediction it doesn’t have to be true. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek proof or any other sort of evidence that the negative outcomes are coming to you. I knew people who looked for signs and symbols that horrible things were going to manifest, but after they didn’t find any indication for it, they were convinced that the prediction had been changed in their favor. Looking forward, search for evidence that your actions and deeds are actually shifting you in a different direction which is far away from the catastrophic misfortune.

Limit exposure: If having psychic readings can trigger negative thoughts and scary feelings then maybe you shouldn’t contact psychics too often. Other than that, you can read less astrology, don’t expose yourself to the news or any other evil source of information that might upset you. It is crucial to make your mental state a priority and find ways to heal yourself and cleanse the soul. You have the power to decide what kind of information you consume.

Nurture resilience: Look at this situation as a test that checks how strong you are. You are being challenged to overcome the distress. And if you make it through then you have developed resilience; your character is becoming tough and strong. Next time you will know how to deal with such a situation more effectively. This spiritual lesson can be applied to any area of your life, not only psychic reading.

Accept uncertainty: Life is a mystery; we cannot know everything nor control outcomes; there are many cosmic factors that change our course and some of them are completely random. So forget about calculating your future 100% because it will not work. Uncertainty is part of life; you cannot avoid it. That said, you still have the freedom of choice and can shift your actions to the desired place, but then again there are no guarantees.

Closing Thoughts

Receiving a negative psychic reading can be an intimidating ordeal, but it is not the end of the world. Bad predictions should not make you sad because you have the power to structure your personal life as you wish. By implementing the 20 ideas I shared in this mini-guide, you can surely move on safely. According to my knowledge, life has different phases and the good news is that everything goes or ends someday, the good and the bad are always passing by near us. So focus on the positive energies and minimize the effect of the negative vibrations that might influence you, even if it’s not an easy task.