Interview With Marianne Lane

Marianne Lane Spiritual Seer

It was my privilege to interview Marianne Lane, a modern day shaman, who shares her wonderful story with online magazine. Her path to spiritual enlightenment had started when she unexpectedly met her guides in 2012. Although she initially had some hesitations, it turned into a great opportunity to understand spiritual concepts in the field of healing and energy work.  

With the unique services she offers, such as Essential Core Healing and Energetic Med Bed, Marianne Lane, displays a special combination of ancient wisdom and innovation which is truly adaptable to the pace of modern life living. Furthermore, with seer abilities and collaborations with cosmic communities, she serves as both a mirror for self-discovery and a guide into the new era consciousness unfolding in 2024 and beyond.

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About Marianne Lane

I’m a shaman of the new era. This title was given to me by guides in 2012. Initially, I was puzzled and hesitant because I wasn’t raised in a shamanic tradition, and I understood neither the frame nor the content of it. However, as a collaboration with The Field and my guides unfolded, I have slowly come to understand what it means in terms of being a healer, a teacher, and an energy worker with certain responsibilities.

Marianne Lane Energy Healing

Travelling Around the Globe

In November 2012, I embarked on my first spiritual journey, initiating a global work with the collective consciousness and the shift from the old era into the new. Today, I have travelled to more than 25 countries and 70 different locations, always with groups of people called in by their own resonance. The channelled, guided wisdom and teachings received have opened as a mixture of a new cosmology and an energetic technologic understanding with an ongoing development of tools we as humans can use to collaborate with the evolving consciousness.

Throughout my work, there is a golden line, a path related to the shift and liberation of humans from sufferings and the disturbance of negativity in all kinds of ways. This line leads from a higher purpose of unity in the global and cosmic community to the continuous creation of healing possibilities on earth. The experiences I have had with the healings serve as proof in reality that the sometimes very mystical work we do in the big fields truly supports mankind and our life on earth.

Essential Core Healing

One of the best examples of this is the Essential Core Healing, which today has a steady group of practitioners and thousands of people reporting a new foundation of life after the healing. Essential Core healing works at a deep level to free blockages formed in most people during childhood. Childhood traumas color the way we view life throughout adulthood. After the healing, you are given a chance to know yourself as you truly are, and therefore are freer to live a life to its full potential.

Spiritual Awakening

Please share with us a bit about your spiritual awakening, what made it challenging and yet so powerful?

When my awakening happened back in 2012, I was working full-time as an engineer. Enjoying working with science and facts and the tangible prestige of my professional field I didn’t want any awakening. In part because the opening triggered painful childhood memories of being born with a very a strong spiritual connection, but no available support or understanding from my surroundings growing up.

And when I eventually followed the inner guidance and quit my job to become a full-time energy worker, this transition felt like losing my safety net, making me vulnerable in a whole new world that I barely understood. This struggle and pain created a resistance in me but also ensured a strong, stable connection with my guides, guiding me towards greater stability, wisdom, freedom, and joy.

My lack of previous knowledge of spiritual teachings, due to my upbringing and lifestyle up until 2012, was my biggest weakness but at the same time it became a validation of the truth of my guidance, because I knew I couldn’t have made it up. This made my awakening unique both to me, but also to the people helping me during that time.

A Seer And A Mirror

My seer capacity is in a range of energy systems from cosmic understandings to the human reality – but not with the ability to look into everyday situations in a way a clairvoyant would. Therefore, I call myself a seer and a mirror. The mirroring function supports you into a meeting with yourself in the energy and a feeling of being seen as you really are. I use this capacity both as a teacher and in my sessions. This mirroring of energy in personal sessions, though calm and very gentle, is experienced as life-changing by many clients.

Cosmic Collaborations And Evolution Of Energetic Technology

My guides address me as an energy system mechanic. My connection with other layers and dimensions is effortless and a natural extended part of my everyday reality. Through the years, I have communicated, explored, and investigated potentials and difficulties with many different light beings, spirits, realms, fields, symbolic layers, and different types of magic collaborations.

In December 2022, I initiated a collaboration with a new cosmic group of consciousness engineers to develop a cosmic transfer of abilities within the human field of consciousness.

The Energetic Med Bed

One recent result of this collaboration is the transfer of a technology called ‘Energetic Med Bed’. It is a natural state of consciousness that supports your energy system. With the “Energetic Med Bed,” you reach this state of being during sleep, and it will grow throughout time. The Energetic Med Bed is activated through a small series of online sessions. More than a hundred people have tried the usage of the Energetic Med Bed and they report overwhelming effects, ranging from improved sleep patterns to enhanced creativity and intuition.

Spiritual Awakening Advice

From your experience and knowledge, what advice would you offer to individuals who may be undergoing their own spiritual awakening or seeking greater inner enlightenment?

It’s not a revolution, but an evolution you are going through. Instead of rejecting everything that was before, try to see it as an update of everything you already know, and every little step towards deeper soulfulness is valuable.

The greatest gift of learning how to use your abilities as a sensitive is that the ‘on button’ is also the ‘off button,’ providing you with the possibilities to take good care of yourself as a human and as an instrument for higher purpose.

Interesting Stories

Although most of my work comes from a strong and constant inner guidance, some encounters in the outer world have also had a huge influence on where I am today.

One of them was my meeting with the Sufi master from Bosnia. It happened in 2017, when I was in Bosnia with a group of students. They had entered a stall to buy crystals, and as I glanced into the stall, I was introduced to the owner, who invited me into the back room. I had expected to see a lot of crystals, but there sat a man, speaking Bosnian to me. A huge shock ran through me when I recognized him as someone, I know better than my own family.

The owner of the stall explained: “This is my Sufi master; he says you have known each other in many lifetimes.” This was the beginning of many exchanges and support for recognition of who and what I am.

Another recognition of my work happened when I had just returned from an energy journey in New Zealand and was contacted by a New Zealand shaman in Denmark who wished to meet me. For over 4 hours, we exchanged thoughts on what we see as the teachings of the new era – and she not only verified that the channelled teachings I had gathered in the years leading up to our meeting were completely in line with the teachings that their elders had channelled regarding the transition into the new era. She also recognized me as her sister on the other side of the world, just as I recognized her.

2024 And The New Era Possibilities

2024 is a very special year. In 2024, the shift to the new era consciousness will peak in the human collective consciousness and unfold during the coming years. I’m called to support this shift in several ways. One way worth mentioning here is a 5-day workshop I can teach wherever in the world a group of people is feeling the call. I did a workshop at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and I just got back from Portugal where I gave two workshops supported by the special energy in Algarve. The new era teachings are all channelled with some important headlines being:

  • Resonance and the Choice – Multidimensional awareness
  • Ignition of the collaboration with the field
  • Entrance to use the intention through your 7D access
  • The new era path and the growth potential
  • Shadow-work in the new era way – easy and fast

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