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I had the honour to interview Psychic Ken Mason who shares interesting progress of his spiritual journey to the readers of From his initial skepticism to becoming recognized as one of Ottawa’s top 10 psychics, Ken’s story unfolds with authenticity and depth.

Ken’s psychic readings set him apart from others as he always highlight the significance of authentic communication with the spirits and his clients as well. With years of experience, insights and delightful anecdotes we can have a glimpse of his amazing spiritual work in psychic reading and paranormal investigations.

About Ken Mason

Before we go deep into the wonderful world of psychic readings and paranormal investigations, could you please tell us a bit how it all started? How did you enter the spiritual realm, and how have you developed your psychic abilities?

“Growing up, I was always scientific and never believed in spirituality or religion. It was my grandfather who introduced spirituality to me and told me that at the age of 30, I would be on this journey. I didn’t believe him, but here I am 31 years later. I attended an online course based in England and have been learning ever since.”

Psychic Reading

Being recognized as one of the top 10 psychics in Ottawa is a significant achievement. What do you believe sets your psychic practice apart from others in the area?

“I have always believed that taking time and relaxing with my clients is essential to reading. I love to joke and listen to the clients as they talk about their problems, and sometimes they vent, and I offer advice. We always offer a money-back guarantee if the client is unhappy, and we tell the client that upfront. I always hope they are happy with my readings.”

Can you walk us through what a typical session looks like when you’re connecting someone with a loved one who has passed? What can a client expect from the experience?

“A typical reading would be me starting with tarot cards for what is happening around them to ensure I am connected. If I can’t connect after a few tries, I end the reading and don’t charge. After I know I am connected, I will connect to any deceased loved ones, if available, and then to their spirit guide, who will talk about their abilities and how to improve them.”

“Then, I finish the read with the rest of the tarot cards, up to four years time, and close the read. I will always give them time to ask questions”.

Spirit Guide

Can you describe your first encounter with Bernard, your Spirit Guide? How did it happen, and what was your initial reaction?

“I first met Bernard during a meditation session. I was walking down a path and realized a cougar was behind me. Being a bit afraid, I started to walk faster, and then ran. I saw a boulder and climbed it, thinking I was safe. I heard a voice saying, “Cougars can climb, too.” I turned to jump off, and Bernard was standing there, and he said, “Nice to meet you.” I stopped the meditation, and he has been with me since.”

Bernard hails from the fifteenth century and had a unique occupation as a monk. How do you think his background and era influence the guidance and teachings he offers? Also, how it reflected in the design and symbolism of your tarot cards?

“Bernard is a teaching spirit guide, so I do a lot of teaching of spirituality and have written several books. He does the readings, helps me connect to spirits, and teaches clients during the reading.”

“The tarot cards are mine, and I designed them to help beginners simplify what they see, whereas regular tarot cards can be overwhelming when starting the journey.”

Paranormal Investigations

What kind of paranormal consulting do you offer? How do you perceive the correlation, if any, between paranormal investigations and psychic readings? Or do you view them as completely separate practices?

“We offer to come to people’s homes and validate to the client what is happening and work with the spirits to quieten the house or identify who the spirit is and help the clients understand what is happening. We offer this for free, depending on the location.”

“Both the psychic and investigation parts are the same. Unfortunately, some investigators do not believe in psychics/mediums, as they can certainly help. I think that with both techniques, they will get more information and more results they are looking for.”

Interesting stories

Can you discuss any significant or memorable experiences you’ve had while providing readings to clients?

1) “In a group mediumship event, I stopped and looked at a lady I had already read and mentioned that her grandmother wanted her to make more cookies. She started to cry as she was making cookies for her grandmother before she passed away.”

2) “In one reading, I told a lady that her mother wanted her to take her husband to the doctor for a checkup.  The lady brought him to see their doctor, and he had a heart attack when he was in the office and is doing very well at this time.”

3) “At a dinner party, a spirit watched as we stood in a room, and I taught people how to feel the energies. One lady who did not believe in spirituality kept smirking and making fun of us. I turned to look at someone, and she suddenly yelled out, “holy crap” I looked at her and noticed that she had her hand over her right ear. I saw the spirit pock her in the other ear, and she jumped out and ran out of the building.”

Contact Psychic Ken Mason

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  1. Absolutely love Ken. He is so genuine and down to earth. No sugar coating. Just the facts while being extremely tactful at the same time. Also a mention to his very talented wife Monique.

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