Famous psychic predictions that actually came true

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Dragon’s egg, marching skeletons in the street, time traveler and alien device that predicted our historical events. During the history of mankind, there have been lots of famous psychic predictions that actually came true. Here are the best of them:

Nostradamus predictions

Nostradamus was a famous astrologer and a prophet who lived during the 1600s. His notable prognostication was seeing before anyone else the rise of totalitarian regimes in Europe which led to World War II. In his books, he has written a lot about death in various countries due to political conflicts and battles of natural resources.

He foreseen the death of King Henry II. As he described in the sacred text: “the young lion defeated the older lion”. The king died in a jousting accident, falling off his horse.

The biggest fire in London that occurred in the year 1666 is also associated with his visions. Pay close attention to the angel number “1666”, which consists of the number of the beast “666”, which is connected to the terrible destruction of the old city in the month of September.

The fall of monarchy and the emergence of a new republic in France, followed by the French Revolution. In addition, he had visions about Napoleon Bonaparte who conquered Europe and his downfall as well.

He talked about “two great rocks” which referred to the attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (cities in Japan) with atomic bombs. Other quotes and phrases related to major disasters are “two tall brothers torn apart” and “fire in the New City”, presumably predicting the September 11 terrorist attack in New York City and specifically on the World Trade Center buildings. And the citation of the words “great plague” which actually predicted the COVID-19 pandemic.

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

In 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded in the air after one minute from the launch. The event horrified the USA and the whole world. A psychic had predicted that disaster before by referring to the term “o-ring”. The o-ring is a crucial part of the sealing that exists near the engine. On that day, the weather was too cold and the component was loose. Investigators have clearly stated that this piece is responsible for the misadventure, and hence the prophecy was accurate and true.

The Death of Princess Diana

Various psychics predicted the sad death of Princess Diana in a car accident in 1997. It is important to mention the fact that these predictions came from different points of view. Each seer has come up with this vision from a different perspective, meaning very diverse explanations lead to the same prophecy. Here are their warning signs:

Sages felt strong energies of a car accident and the British royal family. They didn’t know who the specific person that might get hurt is, but they just felt something wrong a few days earlier.

Others who actually referred to Princess Diana got warnings about travels and explicitly regarding vehicles. They were worried about her well-being throughout the voyage. There were also more detailed symbolic visions about Princess Diana being trapped, unable to move, mayhem, and a gloomy atmosphere. However, the closest signs were concerned about paparazzi photographers.

Indian Ocean Tsunami

In 2004, the Indian Ocean surged skyward, and huge waves hit the shores of the local areas. 200,000 people died, many were injured, and the land was completely demolished. No one could see it coming in terms of providing the exact date, hour, and location. Nonetheless, many people felt that something big was coming, and they couldn’t figure it out until it was too late.

So what kind of messages did they get from the metaphysical realm? Individuals had lucid dreams about the ocean, big waves, rain, floods, and swimming. They didn’t know why they had these nightmares. The majority ignored them, and some thought they had some personal issue in their lives. A few weeks later, they realized that everything was fine with them, and it was a warning of an upcoming natural disaster.

There was also fear in the air; people didn’t talk much, the streets were quiet, and everyone was minding his or her own business. It was as if they all expected something and didn’t realize what was approaching them.

Pet psychics also noticed strange behaviors of animals: the birds didn’t sing, dogs hid in their doghouses, cats refrained from walking near the beach, and the fishermen didn’t catch adequate fish from the sea. The animal kingdom prepared to run away from the location.

Local oracles warned the native community near the coastal areas. They were contacted by ancestor spirits who told them about the looming flood. Some were completely disregarded with the excuse of old folklore and cultural beliefs.

This case is a clear example that everyone has psychic abilities; you don’t have to be a professional psychic medium to foresee the future. The gift is within you, and you can let it out by exploring spirituality.

2008 Financial Crisis

Analysts couldn’t see the financial crisis of 2008, but psychic mediums did! Professional economists, realtors, and bankers thought that everything was okay, although a serious housing bubble had already burst. It negatively affected the USA stock market and had waves that reached the global economy as well.

If we look back to 2008, we can see a disturbing picture nobody had talked about: people were concerned about stability in the workplace, they were fearful regarding retirement savings, and it also caused them stress and health issues.

Those who didn’t listen to advisors’ counsel lost a lot of money. They put their life savings in risky investments, took mortgages that they could not pay back, and many small businesses filed requests for bankruptcy.

There is a common line between that Financial Crisis and the Great Depression of the early ’30s. The similarities were amazing; all the signs were there, but only a few were wise enough to realize it.

The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

2019 was the worst year in the history of The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as it burned for undisclosed reasons. Speculations on the matter ranged from an electrical system problem to a cigarette lighter.

Psychics proclaimed they saw fire flames from the past, an ancient source of blazes from hell, or evil spirits. The archaic theme hints at a historical building, something connected to the distant past. An unresolved case came back to life from the dead world.

Some had inaccurate predictions, but they are still related to the catastrophe. A few seers thought a volcano like “Piton de la Fournaise” was going to erupt. They were close, but in the end, it was the Cathedral. They didn’t link the visions correctly with the symbolism. And yet, they still perceived premonitions.

Another spooky prophecy described skeletons getting out from coffins and graves, marching their way in the street to gather at historical landmarks. When they finally found the burning Notre Dame Cathedral, they surrounded it to block the oxygen and prevent the fire from spreading.

An anonymous astrologer speculated that it happened due to an ancient curse. She looked at the natal chart of April 15th, 2019, and concluded the reason: all the stars were aligned perfectly with the symbol of fire just above the Paris skies. To be precise, it consisted of one big triangle and four small triangles around it – the main triangle represented the burning flame, and the four shapes around symbolized the cross. Furthermore, the Gargoyle statue at the top of the roof couldn’t stop the evil spirits from entering the cathedral; it failed in its mission to guard the holy place.

But the most shocking prophecy I have ever heard was regarding a dragon’s egg buried in the underground basement. The people who worked there thought it was just a stone, but suddenly it hatched and started to spit fire everywhere before it flew away.

Fukushima nuclear explosion

In 2011, Fukushima nuclear exploded because of an earthquake and tsunami disaster in the nearby area. The cause was electrical lines that ignited the chain reaction until the inevitable rumble. Here are the prophecies; pay attention to the symbolism as it shouldn’t be taken literally:

An alien item was thrown by a UFO flying near the north side of the fence. During routine maintenance of the electrical fence, it was accidentally activated and ruined the whole place.

A time traveler from 2078 opened a gateway inside the reactor and tried to stop it from a much bigger explosion. However, he failed in doing so since a paradox split the timeline and he couldn’t come near the main computer to switch it off.

The Brexit Referendum in the UK

Before the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union, psychic mediums saw it emerging. All the energies near that island told them about political change, citizens having different opinions, and one pivotal vote resulting in a historical turnout for the entire nation.

A group of psychics had visions about the lost city of Atlantis; it symbolized the isolation of Great Britain from the rest of the countries in Europe. They actually warned of bad precautions as they didn’t want to see the land sinking like the old city of Atlantis.

The crown of the queen was cursed because hundreds of years ago it was made of stolen jewelry from a sacred temple. The Gods have been very angry and they waited for the right time to strike. In 2016, the precious stones from the crown started to fall one by one, representing the collapse of the UK kingdom.

Discovery of Exoplanets

In recent years, technology has taken us further into the future. Astronomers have found many more planets in far space, millions of light years away from us. But psychic mediums have already known they are out there. Furthermore, they are sure we can find forms of life on those planets. In fact, they are communicating with us more often than you think. The communication is not done by technology, but with spiritual energies.

They describe the desire to explore new physical worlds and the barrier of having such long trips to unknown territories. They report meeting undefined creatures during meditation sessions; they could talk with them through telepathy only. Most of the information was about distant peaceful places like heaven, a planet where you can live with harmony and joy most of the time, almost a perfect world.

Stock Market Crash of 1929

This is a classic tale about the famous psychic Edgar Cayce; he ultimately predicted perfectly the economic crash of 1929. He was called “The Sleeping Prophet” because the visions came to him while he was sleeping and dreaming. He addressed the concern for a stable marketplace and the urgency for ethical rules in every business.

In addition, Edgar Cayce made many other prophecies which proved to be real and accurate such as: the deaths of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the discovery of the ancient Hebrew bible near the Dead Sea, the rise of civil rights movements in the 50s and 60s, and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

President John F. Kennedy Assassination

As you might expect, a serious situation like this will have lots of conspiracy theories and misinformation. But if we keep the focus on the predictions, there were many of them, some related, some not, but psychics have been able to sense a change in the collective energies back in 1963.

The vibration before the event indicated political stress, groups that are divided in their opinions. Among the symbols of the predictions, we can find associations to the elm tree – the street name where he found his death, three loud noises – the gunshots, images of the king of the jungle, lion – meaning a great leader, Dead End Street and more.

Baba Vanga Predictions

The Bulgarian psychic who predicted many global events, especially in the 90s. Baba Vanga had many followers and was known for her ability to see visions although she was completely blind in both of her eyes.

Among her predictions, we can find events that actually came true like the election of the 44th president of the United States – Barack Obama. But more importantly, she made a list of predictions for the next 50 years. Fans and believers around the world are waiting for these predictions to come true!