Baba Vanga predictions list by year

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Who is the Blind Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga was a well-known psychic from Bulgaria. In her homeland, everybody knew about her and the amazing predictions she made. Over the years, she became famous worldwide because many of her predictions listed here came true.

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1980s: The beginning of World War III

Due to the Cold War in Europe, Baba Vanga had visions of another World War that was going to happen. She foresaw it starting in November 1989. Many people were scared after hearing that prophecy and looked for ways to store food, buy and build self-defense devices, and there were rumors claiming people actually ran away from Europe to different countries like the United States of America, Australia, and Canada, just to avoid the upcoming war. Although this prophecy didn’t become a reality, another vision of hers did happen – the fall of the Berlin Wall.

According to Wikipedia, prior to the ’80s, she also predicted the death dates of Stalin, Boris the III, and her own date. Furthermore, she foresaw the Kursk submarine vanishing into the deep sea and the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

1989: The falling of the Berlin Wall and the crumble of the Soviet Union

The true symbol of freedom and uniting all Europe has happened as Baba Vanga said. The Cold War ended without developing into another global war, and people could walk freely wherever they wanted. The democratic countries became stronger while Russia broke down. Many referred to phrases they think they heard like “barrier crumbling” and “crying stones”.

2001: September 11 attacks in the United States

Baba Vanga also predicted the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers in the USA. Her exact words still remain unclear, but her followers did make the connection between the forecast and the tragic event. After the prophecy spread worldwide, she gained more followers and made many more amazing predictions.

2004: Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

In that exact year, Asia was hit by huge tsunami waves causing a lot of destruction to nature, cities, and casualties. A massive earthquake inside the depth of the ocean stirred up the enormous and deadly waves. Surprisingly, Baba Vanga wasn’t the only one who accurately predicted the event. Exotic tribes living nearby described similar messages from ancient spirits. They had been warned about a big snake that is rising from the middle of the sea, tears that spread everywhere, sinking cities, and graveyards.

2010: Nuclear and chemical warfare

After failing to predict World War III, Baba Vanga thought that it might occur in 2010. Additionally, she claimed that it’s just the beginning and it will enlarge into nuclear catastrophe and chemical warfare. The only thing that came close to this scenario is the use of chemical warfare in 2012 during the civil war in Syria. And on the flip side, at that time, the USA decided to destroy many of the country’s military weapons that can carry chemicals.

2011: Radioactive radiation will erase half of the population

Again, due to the supposedly upcoming global war, there is going to be huge radioactive radiation that will roll out in the Northern Hemisphere. It apparently takes 3 years and then wipes out the people who are living in the northern hemisphere. In addition, she talked about people fleeing to southern countries and mainly to Africa. Flocks of immigrants flying by airplanes or sailing in boats are crossing the Mediterranean Sea in order to survive and start a new life in a safe place.

2016: No cities will be left in Europe

An apocalyptic view of the end of Europe. She doesn’t report why and how it was going to happen, but she said that it will be shifted into a wasteland. No more busy cities, no cars on the roads, no people, and no nature, a complete nothingness. Luckily for us, this prediction didn’t come true. European cities and villages continue to be very much alive, vibrant, and great places to live in.

2018: China will dominate the world

Baba Vanga felt a new powerful country is going to rise and change everyone’s life. The predicted dominance of China all over the globe was not intended to be military but economic, political, and strategic. However, the United States of America is still the leader of the free world. Having said that, China has really become stronger and dominant in world politics. It has leadership in many areas of our lives: economic, diplomatic, gained global resources, influence of countries, and technological advancement.

2023: Earth’s orbit shifting

Baba Vanga predicted a big change in Earth’s orbit. The course of Earth, which is surrounding the sun, will change extremely. It either gets too close to the hitting sun and will be burned or very far from the sun and we might get into the ice age again. Needless to say, we are still alive and this event never took place. However, Earth is changing its orbit every year. Although astronomers say it’s just a minor shift, when we accumulate hundreds and even thousands of years, eventually, it will have an enormous impact on life on Earth as we know it. Furthermore, an asteroid might hit Earth or other planets and drag it to a different and risky trail in space.

2025: Zero population in Europe

Another prediction about the end of the European continent. This time we don’t know what is the reason that will cause zero population in Europe. Baba Vanga had many prophecies about such events but none of them happened. So it is safe to assume that the end of Europe will not come soon. Among the speculations and the reasons for such prophecy to happen are: alien invasion, big-scale scientific experiments gone wrong, plague like COVID-19, earthquakes, toxic air, paranormal activities, and the list goes on.

2028: Space exploration to Venus

Scientists want to explore the far planet Venus, and maybe 2028 will be the year we can not only arrive there but also find some kind of new source of energy. The conditions on Venus are very extreme for a species like us to live in. The temperatures are very hot, reaching more than 400 degrees; furthermore, the air is very toxic.

2033: Polar ice is going to melt

The ice in both the North Polar and South Polar is going to melt, which will raise the level of the water in the whole world. Earth’s climate is going to be very hot and radical. Baba Vanga warns us to take the issue seriously and start to prevent it or at least prepare for the dangerous situations. Many people will not be able to keep on living where they are (usually on the coastlines) if the sea level will go dramatically up.

2043: Europe will become a complete Islamic republic

There is going to be a massive change in culture and religious demographics in Europe. The percentage of Muslims in these countries will be high, and it will dictate a new and inevitable change in daily life. However, according to the numbers we have right now, it is unlikely to happen or at least not until 2043, maybe in 200 years from now as specialist demographics suggest. Europe is still continuing to be a diverse continent when it comes to religious beliefs and culture, art, and folklore.

2046: No more diseases

Medical and scientific advancement in the production of human organs. She depicts a scenario that if a certain organ has stopped functioning correctly in our body, we will be able to transplant another one that was created artificially. It’s like having spare parts for any case something might go wrong or be broken in our physical condition. This may actually be true due to heavy progress in 3D printing, stem cells research, and DNA manipulation.

2066: Climate-changing weapon

Baba Vanga had predicted that Rome will be occupied by a foreign army. She continues and marks out that the USA will use a miraculous weapon that can change the climate. It can induce rain and snow or make the area as dry as the Sahara desert. Whatever will be the result, she is absolutely sure that the invading army will leave Italy. She noted that this kind of weapon is not lethal and makes the enemy leave just because the weather conditions are impossible to bear.

2076: Communism is back and it’s everywhere

The old political ideology combined with economics is making a comeback. She claimed that people will not want capitalism anymore. Right now, the popular preferences of most people are democracy and free economies. So, a major event will have to impact the lives of the people before 2076. This event needs to be so big that it will change people’s opinion about how to structure the new society.

2084: New ecological system

This puzzling prophecy is quite a mystery as no one really knows what it means. Maybe as we come closer to this year, we will have more information. There are some options where the prediction can go. Maybe humankind will finally completely control nature, maybe it will be destroyed, and we will build synthetic nature. A solution will come, and although global warming is a serious problem, in this forecast, we might find a good solution.

2100: The invention of artificial sun

Did you know that there are places on Earth that don’t get too much sunlight or no natural sun at all? Well, in the year 2100, this is all going to change. According to Baba Vanga, we are going to build an artificial sun that will illuminate dark places on Earth such as the deep ocean, caves, and polar areas. A similar technology exists even today, and it is done by huge mirrors flying in space near our planet, reflecting the sun’s light to different locations on Earth.

2130: Aliens will help us to live underwater

An ecological situation will make it impossible to live in the open air. UFOs will come to Earth and give us special devices to migrate to live underwater. Right now, we cannot do it ourselves, so we will have to cooperate with aliens. Hopefully, they will come to save us. Some note that they might fly us to a nearby star where everyone lives in the deep sea.

2170: Global drought

Earth is going to change again; there will be less rain and snow, few green fields will remain, and growing food will become a devastating hurdle. Water will be scarce to a point that the price will skyrocket; many nations might go to war in search of the clear liquid that is needed for our survival.

2187: Stopping volcanic eruptions

Scientists will invent technology that can prevent volcanic mountains from erupting and destroying the surrounding area. She explicitly mentioned two instances of successful prevention from the lava to spill and destroy everything. Many psychics have accurately predicted volcanic eruptions, but the only solution was to get away from it, because today we cannot stop it, suggesting to prepare to leave when it is supposed to occur.

2201: Drop of temperatures because of the sun

The sun is going to cool off a bit, and the impact will be felt here on Earth, an ice age all over again. The sun has cycles, but it’s pretty much the same every year. However, once in thousands of years, the temperatures change, and if it goes to an extreme, then our life here is not going to be the same. We are vulnerable to cosmic changes; not everything is within our control.

2262: The solar system is going to change

According to the prediction of Baba Vanga, the planets in our solar system are going to change their route. It will influence Mars, and it will get hit by a huge comet and might even be broken into many little pieces. The astrological zodiac sign might also change; it is speculated to govern a new age of spirituality and psychic abilities.

2304: The mystery of the moon will be exposed

We are going to finally know what is going on there. Her predictions describe armed missions with people and also robots that are going to complete their investigation and get the whole knowledge about the area. It is suggested that we will be able to live there and explore freely the secret territory. She also talked about different energies from the lunar rocks and evidence of extraterrestrial life.

2341: An asteroid might hit Earth

In her own words, Psychic medium Baba Vanga foresaw that something scary will approach Earth. People who interpreted her visions said that it might be related to an asteroid, comet, or UFOs. She also reassured her followers and said that we will have a good chance to protect ourselves against it. How? We shall wait and see.

2371: No more hunger in the world

This is a very positive psychic prediction made by medium Baba Vanga. Everyone will have access to as much food as they want, no matter where they live. This is possible due to new ways of producing products, not just through modern and high-tech agriculture but through changing the whole food industry. For instance, superfood in pills and 3D printing of ingredients.

2480: The artificial sun will vanish into space

Baba Vanga has already predicted the use of an artificial sun in the year 2100. So, 380 years after the invention, it is going to leave Earth and disappear into deep space. In this scenario, life on Earth can be left in complete darkness, especially after she already predicted that the original and natural sun we all know is going to turn off someday.

3005: War on Mars

After people had made it to colonize the Mars planet, they also imported the negative aspect of the human race – war. The battle will be between Earth and Mars, and one of them might be destroyed. No aliens are connected to the war, only humans that cannot get along together and might destroy the solar system for good, as if we don’t have other problems threatening us from the unknown places out there in the infinite space.

5079: The end of the universe

The final prediction from Baba Vanga is the prophecy of the end of the universe. A huge explosion that has already started millions of light-years away is going to collapse every particle and small atom into a big bang again.

I promise to do the best I can in order to keep website up and running until the year 5079, so many generations to come will be able to read these prophecies and see if they came true or not!