Psychic Dreams: Spiritual, Intuitive, Precognitive & Clairsentient

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I am sure it has happened to you as well – you had a psychic dream (precognitive dream) which was so lucid and realistic that its effect stayed with you up until your waking hours and beyond. You might remember it for your entire life because what you dreamt about was actually a prophecy, a sneak peek into your future, and maybe it came true!

These dreams, often called spiritual, intuitive, precognitive, or clairsentient, occur when we are asleep, in a special state of consciousness that enables us to explore the mystical space between the physical world and the metaphysical realm. Not only do we have the chance to connect with spirits, angels, deceased souls, and high-level energies, but we can also investigate our own soul, psyche, and personal desires. The occurrence brings us secret information that has been locked behind the curtains of space and time.

Here is what happens in a psychic dream; check if you’ve had this experience: you receive messages from an unknown source or family members who have passed away, you see many symbols – some of them have deep connotations while others seem random, you cannot forget these signs and, of course, you see a scenario that might arise in the near future. The situation impacts you very strongly because it grabs your attention and pushes you to take immediate action towards your goal.

Occasionally, we might see memories from our past; they can be exactly as we remember them or completely different. Because we can’t change our history, it is just a reminder of how it impacts our present time and how we should tweak our thoughts to create a better fate.

Don’t confuse these with regular dreams. Mundane ones are influenced just by our daily routine, thoughts, emotions, and the people around us. Spiritual dreams are different, and you will just know that they are distinct. They usually appear early in the morning before we wake up. At this time, our brain is clear and ready to absorb the hidden messages from the cosmos.

Psychic dreams psychology

Psychic dreams are not only a divine matter; psychologists are also interested in this topic because it offers a window into the subconscious mind of a person. They use techniques and methods to understand us better, especially when it comes to our behavior, fears, or the reasons we are stuck in some areas of our lives. Ultimately, they try to help us grow. At this point, the two worlds are colliding – the spiritual and the scientific, so it is no wonder why famous psychologists like Carl Jung, Ken Wilber, William James, and Abraham Maslow also believed in psychic abilities.

The traditional way to interpret dreams in psychology is to interpret the symbols and their meanings. The theory behind it is that this unwritten language, or set of rules, is a code to understand what is going on inside our mind. In fact, scientists argue that the prophecies we see are merely manifestations of the information we see and feel in our daily life.

For example, let’s say we feel small seismic activities during the day, but we are not aware of them because they are too small. But our subconscious mind did pick it up and stored this memory inside our brain as a warning sign. At night, the secret is revealed to us, and we dream about a devastating earthquake. And guess what happens in the morning? An earthquake really happens because almost before every tremor, there are small shocks we feel hours or days before.

And of course, it goes further as many psychologists have connected psychic dreams to psychology in numerous ways, like synchronicities, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychic abilities, religion, parapsychology, transcendental experiences, and the list goes on.

Psychic dreams while pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful period for most women. They often feel many different emotions, states of mind, and, of course, spirituality insights. The prominent change could be psychic dreams as well. These 9 months are full of high sensitivity to their body, fetus, and everything around them. Again, it is a unique state of mind that allows women to receive messages from everywhere but more importantly, from the soul of their embryo.

Among the most reported psychic dreams of pregnant women, the most frequent are about how the child looks, how his or her life will turn out in the long run, they might predict the gender and even know if it is going to be twins, and on rare occasions, the fetus is actually telling their mother what is going on in the world beyond, where he is staying right now.

In ancient times, psychic dreams while pregnant opened a door of connections with lost souls and spirits. Shamans, seers, and fortune-tellers created rituals and ceremonies to celebrate the relationship between mankind and the divine spirit. The rationale behind it is to receive and deliver messages about the future. In our modern era, it has changed, and now it is more related to intuition and the search for clues that will guide the mother and the child together directly to their grand mission on earth.

Psychic dream test

Here is a psychic dream test, a list of factors that will indicate whether you had a real psychic dream or not:

Strange symbols: The concealed information is locked behind signs and symbols; it is not obvious nor easy to interpret. If you spot these signs, then you are having a psychic dream. Make sure to understand their meaning once you are awake.

Vividness: When everything looks so real and all the symbols are very comprehensive, the reason is to force you into remembering the psychic dream until you wake up in the morning.

Seeing the future: You will have a clear sense that the things you have seen in the dream are going to come true. You will know deep inside of you that you are having a prophecy.

Synchronicity: A complete synergy between what transpires in the waking world and the dream world in your life. You will encounter unexplained coincidences everywhere you go.

Strong emotions: You are in a state where you should trust your intuition, instincts, and feelings. If you try to rationalize or make sense out of the dream while you sleep, it will fade away. So don’t fight it, just go with the scenario and see where it leads you.

Guidance: Something or someone will guide you; it will give you a solution, answer, or an idea you must act upon. It can be manifested by a spirit, a person, an animal, nature, or any unexpected symbol.

Deja Vu: The psychic scenario in the dream will feel very familiar – like it already happened to you. The truth is that it did previously manifest but in a future timeline.

Recurring Theme: The scenario or plot of the psychic dream will repeat itself until you realize you need to do something. The messages will keep running after you until the mission is finished.

Pisces psychic dreams

Pisces is the leading zodiac sign associated with psychic dreams. Not only are people born with a Pisces destiny line notable for their high intuitive aptness, but they are also emotionally sensitive and more likely to have psychic powers bestowed upon them by the stars on the day they were born.

If you have a little bit of knowledge in astrology charts and horoscopes, then you probably know that the guiding planet of the Pisces zodiac sign is Neptune. This celestial object governs traits like spirituality, the unknown, and, as you might guess, psychic dreams. Pisces can notice minor changes around them; their intuition takes them on an expedition to figure out why things happen. They can listen carefully to the frequency of nature, animals, and people, gaining more information on nearby events. They see the truth, they have a clear mind, they don’t judge; they just let things be and unfold before their eyes.

Beware that sometimes Neptune is associated with negative traits such as illusions, fantasy, and invisible fears. So, although Pisces might possess a great deal of prophecy, they can sometimes read the messages in the wrong way. Only after they are trained to fully control their psychic abilities can they actually work with them correctly.

How rare are precognitive dreams and what their meaning is

The meaning of precognitive dreams is to predict the future via angelic messages and sacred symbols in dreams. But how rare are precognitive dreams? First of all, they might indicate small changes in a person’s life, but also some important events like accidents, birth, death, marriage, shifts in perspective, different careers, and even winning a great sum of money.

Precognitive dreams are abnormal; it is very rare to have them. Not only that, most people don’t even share the experience with friends and family, and the majority just ignore them with dismissal or don’t even notice them. But once these prophecies find their way to TV news channels, magazines, and social websites, everyone talks about it and considers it to be more common than usual.

What is an intuitive dream?

An intuitive dream is unlike the regular dream because it is about the future, not something that has already happened to us and pops up at night when we are asleep; it concerns upcoming events. According to psychic theory, something from the future is calling us; it wants us to pay attention to something, to take a specific action, and change our destiny. The reason we have intuitive dreams is not only to benefit us but also to help other people, whether we know them or not.

Intuitive dreams can help us avoid accidents or just push us in a better direction. Many other people will benefit from it because when we do something, it echoes through the world and impacts others even if they are far away from us.

You can practice intuitive dreams and increase the likelihood that you will have them, remember them in the morning, and take the right steps. For example, meditate, keep a dream journal, consult tarot cards, and ask real psychics and mediums to interpret dream symbols for you.

What is clairsentience dream?

A clairsentience dream is a psychic term for feeling energies within dreams. Despite the fact that dreams usually have a graphic nature – like watching a movie or TV series, when it comes to clairsentience dreams, it is more about using your feelings to assess a certain situation.

So how does it exactly work? Well, psychics have the talent to receive small chunks of divine energies and translate them into feelings. Every vibe has a different frequency, shape, and color. Each message is associated with a different feeling. For example, if you see a symbol in red, it might evoke emotions of fear or danger; yellow is all about happiness; orange represents creativity; green signifies Mother Nature; blue symbolizes trust, and so on.

Telepathic dreams and psychic abilities

Telepathic dreams are a more complex form of psychic abilities. It is the art of communicating with other people or pets with the power of the mind. So it is no surprise why most mediums refer to it as mind reading. If you are having genuine telepathic dreams, you can connect with other people when you are asleep. It doesn’t matter how far they are; you can receive and transmit signs to them.

You can induce telepathy by thinking about someone before you go to bed. By focusing the intent on a specific individual, you are more likely to dream about him or her. Then, inside the dream, you need to deliver them the message; try to create an imaginary plot of how you send them the message. For example, by email, chat, flying doves, energies, or even throwing a message in a bottle into the sea. If you have done everything correctly, then the telepathic message will appear in that person’s dream.

What is a spiritual dream?

It is very important to know what a spiritual dream is because it means that what you dreamt of is not just what you see. Yes, of course, we can take a dream literally and interpret it on a superficial level, but then we miss the spiritual meaning which is actually what we need to understand. For instance, if you dream about flying in an airplane to a vacation destination, you might think that you need to relax and travel. But on a spiritual level, the meaning is much more serious, denoting the desire for personal growth and pursuing great goals.

Spiritual dreams are also intertwined with spiritual practices. So the more you practice mindfulness meditation, yoga, and Zen art, the more likely you are to dream about them while you are asleep. It is a method of encompassing spirituality 24 hours a day, whether you are awake or asleep.

Medium dream meaning

A psychic medium is someone who can connect with dead people, unborn children, and other spirits and ghosts. So when it occurs in a dream, it means that the connection has been established. It is much easier to connect to spiritual beings, whoever they are, through dreams.

Many people claim that their deceased loved ones come to visit them in a dream. Most of the time, these individuals turn to medium psychics for help in interpreting the message, because they cannot figure it out alone. These dreamy encounters are usually confusing and provoke lots of questions.