Are Psychics Real? Yes, but Beware of Fakes!

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Sure thing! Yes, psychics are real, but you must keep in mind that not every individual who says they are psychic mediums really has these magical abilities. There are many genuine psychics out there; they possess real spiritual powers, are connected to high-level energies, and will surely be able to give you a keen and true reading. But beware of the fact that some people don’t have the abilities they claim to have. They are usually fake or unreal, and they are doing it because of several motives.

Let’s say you are looking to find a beautiful flower in the wild nature. The real psychics are the pretty and attractive ones with all the colors, nice scent, and delightful looking; they will assess your unique situation and will offer personal insights and specific recommendations on the next step you should take. Nevertheless, the fakes are unappealing who try to copy the pure essence of the real ones but sooner or later they will fail. You must know how to distinguish between them.

Therefore, the answer to the question: “Are psychics real?” is definitely yes, and yet you must go with your intuitive feeling and be in contact only with the trusted one when you want to enter into the spiritual realm.

Investigating the Real World of Psychic Phenomena

We, as a species, evolve through many years; we have an understanding of the world. However, the psychic phenomenon is a huge mystery for us, especially when we try to find proofs of the unexplained.

In the end, it all boils down to judging according to what you believe is right. Psychics are wonderful people who use their techniques to help people. It takes lots of effort and energy to be a spiritual person or a diviner. It is not an easy job. Like artists who suffer because of their talent, so seers might risk their mental well-being just because they want to assist you.

Did you know that a fortune teller might feel very tired after a session? Are you aware of the fact that psychics usually see disturbing images of souls, dead people, and tragic prophecies that might come true? Have you ever heard of someone who feels that something wrong is going to happen and they try to prevent it even though no one listens to them and thinks they are crazy? This is not always an easy lifestyle.

The con artists don’t care about good reviews and reputation. They don’t have moral codes and good ethics like the genuine people. They will try to trick you into believing them and before you notice, they will scam and take all your money. So, the first red flag is to observe how they are acting, what they are focusing on.

Skeptics discard the mysterious phenomena, not because of the potential of charlatans, but because of the absence of evidence and scientific methodology to back up the mystic claims. Science is all about conducting experiments and testing. If the results are the same on every trial, then they can write rules and patterns about a certain topic. However, with the divine world, the results are not the same all the time; every moment is unique and different from the next moment. Furthermore, the fact that we cannot establish evidence doesn’t necessarily say that there are no godly activities around us.

On the other hand, many people who encountered these angelic situations base their viewpoint according to what they witness, felt, and experienced. Millions of people have encountered explained events in their lives; the vast majority of the population reports that they have consulted a psychic at least once in their lifetime. These people truly believe in divine abilities, and it has a deep impact that manifests in their perception of the world.

What do psychics do?

Are you puzzled about “what do psychics do?” Are you interested in figuring out “how do psychics work?” Answering the following queries will unveil a universe of secret energy, metaphysical rules, and unexplained synchronicities. It is a topic that combines beliefs with practical divination tools and methods.

So, first of all, we need to understand what psychic abilities are. The core assumption is that some human beings (and even animals as well) have a sixth sense or high intuition which enables them to enter through the gate and inside the world of secret energies, vibes, and divine forces. Therefore, other than interacting with the world with the five senses (sight – vision, hearing – audition, taste – gustation, smell – olfaction, and touch – somatosensation), we have the opportunity to gain information from dead spirits, divine spiritual beings, receive hints about the future, and even explore the past – just like a time traveler.

So what actually do they do? Real psychics work with numerous techniques to deliver a clear vision and path to spiritual enlightenment to their clients. Among the various methods are tarot card reading; these cards have special signs and symbols drawn on them. The role of the angelic diviner is to analyze the symbols and see how they reflect with the reality of the querent.

Another divination method is palmistry, the art of looking at patterns on your hands while trying to predict how your life will unfold accordingly. Furthermore, some claim that these sacred lines come from our soul, and if decoded correctly then we can connect to our true self.

In addition, an aura reading is also a famous and common tool used in psychic readings. The theory behind it – our body and soul radiate energy which looks like an aura or cloud around us. It has different frequencies and especially colors. Real seers can actually see this field, notice the hues, define how strong or weak, and conclude interesting insights regarding your destiny.

A similar practice is mediumship – the procedure of communicating with spirits of dead people. They typically deliver messages from other worlds: heaven, hell, and some believe from outer space too.

And of course, there are many more other tools used for divination work, which you are probably very familiar with: numerology, astrology, horoscopes, crystal ball, remote viewing, pendulums, coffee and tea leaves reading, runes, spell casting, rituals, and the list goes on and on. Most of these ways of predicting the future have very ancient roots since the history of mankind.

How do psychics work?

The common theme for all of these wonderful ways of communicating with mystical energies is intuition. In fact, if you have high levels of “second sight,” you don’t need any tool at all. Clairvoyance is like an extra sensor; it is hard to describe exactly how it works, but generally speaking, it is when you just know that something is right, wrong, or have visions that a certain event is going to happen. So, the next time you have strong feelings or your gut is trying to tell you something, or maybe you might have thoughts or dreams that don’t get out of your head, then you might have had a psychic vision.

So, what does it all mean? Very simple – you can actually develop your psychic abilities. As stated before, we all have a soul and a spirit, so this is enough to enable us to connect with the ethereal life. And hence, we have the capability to develop our own potential. A certain number of people are natural-born with these superpowers, usually indigo people. However, the majority of people are not aware of their potential and, more often than not, are blocking these amazing possibilities.

If you would like to go on a spiritual journey or help others, then you have to quiet the mind through meditation, to detach yourself from the physical world and embrace the metaphysical magic. Once you are attuned to the right state of awareness, you will see the insights unfolding before your very own eyes.

The power of belief

Faith has a major impact on the success of psychic readings. When a person uses the power of belief, he or she enters into a tunnel or a vortex which is directly connected to the spiritual world. They actually are letting go of all prejudice or any bias they might have regarding how they understand the universe. They just leave behind the rational mind and immerse themselves in the unknown. They trust the world, they have certainty in good and are sure that nature will not disappoint them. They want to win against all odds and start a fresh new journey.

When a client goes to a real psychic reader and is actually willing to listen and try different perspectives and ways to enhance their life, they are more likely to find the suitable solution and positive outcomes.

On the flip side, if the client is too suspicious, refuses to let the reader ask questions and analyze the situation, shows too much criticism and skepticism, then that person will gain nothing from it, and will be wasting time and money. This type of action results in a massive energy block. It signals to the cosmic sparks that the person is in a state of chaos and unable to cooperate with the whole cosmic energy.

Consequently, a psychic reader has lots of ethical things he needs to take into account while doing the sacred rituals. The best psychics are often responsible for every aspect of their clients’ well-being, keep the session private, and have clear ethical boundaries of what is permitted and what is not allowed.

A top advisor will never put any person in a dangerous position; they will avoid lying, negative schemes, and making the client fear their future. Even though sometimes the reading requires telling bad news or uncomfortable truth, a good psychic will always focus on how to reverse the outcomes in expectable plans. When you are facing crucial choices, any advice should focus on how to equip you with the right guidance.

Real life stories about psychics

Real story 1:

An anonymous woman wrote me an email about her friend, a psychic. Apparently, this woman sees weird flashbacks from the future, and the intriguing part was that almost everything came true, and she couldn’t have known this information in any conceivable way!

When I was going through job interviews, she always knew if I would succeed and get the job or fail and should move to another company. She also suggested that I would have with me a Citrine crystal as part of my jewelry or as a talisman. This woman just had visions during the day, and they sometimes popped into her dreams as well. She did a good service to the people near me, who are close to her: family, friends, and colleagues. She would always advise them how to act, and she never took a dime from them.

Real story 2:

One night I heard another marvelous story of a woman who went to see a local psychic medium in Beverly Hills city, let’s call her Jenny. Jenny was single, and after long-lasting relationships, she felt heartbroken. Years passed by and she couldn’t find the perfect match near her. On the verge of despair, she almost gave up, and then she drove with her car to the local psychic in Beverly Hills. The mystical medium predicted that she will meet her twin flame in the next few months.

She described the person, let’s call him Lucas. She saw visions of how he looks like – blond, what kind of work he has – accountant, his hobbies – surfing and traveling, and accurate details about his family from Oklahoma. After six months, Jenny was married to this exact man, and they were expecting a baby.

Signs that a psychic is fake and not real

Picking the best psychic can be a hard task; there are so many advisors that you could accidentally get lost in the spiritual maze. So how can you really be sure that the psychic you are going to see or talk to on the phone is 100% real or actually a fake? Here are some signs and red flags to consider:

1. Unclear Statements: If you start to hear something that can relate to anyone, then it is very suspicious. A real seer will talk about you specifically, your struggles, and possible mystical routes to choose in the future. For example, if he or she asks for your date of birth and just tells you horoscope-based predictions, then you won’t get any value out of it; you could have just read the newspaper.

2. Curses: This is the oldest trick to extract more money out of you. They will usually claim that there is a curse on your soul; sometimes it can be evil spirits, ghosts, and negative karma. They will ask for more and more money to end the unlucky cycle you suffer from. But it will never end; there is no genuine intent behind it.

3. Fear Tactics: An unreal person will try not only to lie but also to put you in uneasy situations. They will exploit you in any way they can, including using horror stories about awful outcomes, which might result due to “not listening to them” or not “paying them enough money”. This cycle tends to be endless. Ergo, you must stop it at the very first sign you start to realize this manipulation.

4. Guaranteed Outcomes: Remember this, there are no guarantees in life, not in spirituality and not in other areas of life like work, relationships, health, wealth, and even science. No one can give you accurate results because the future is dynamic and is changing constantly according to the actions we are taking now, at the present moment. Most of the time, a medium reading can be accurate in 70%, maybe 80%.

5. Gathering Information about You: If they ask you too many questions and give you few answers, then you have come to the wrong place. What they try to do is to fish for details about you. This will increase the chances of making better guesses about you. There is no spirituality in this style, just trickery.

6. Unsolicited Promotions: A real psychic will not initiate contact with you. They might advertise on internet websites, newspapers, radio shows, television, and social websites like Facebook and Reddit. If someone that you don’t know is sending you emails, chat messages, or calling on the phone, then they are up to something dodgy. The top experts in the field actually don’t need to advertise their services because they already have many clients who recommend them to their friends.

7. Conflicting Readings: If you had several meetings with the same spiritualist and every time they give you dissimilar insights, something is wrong there. Psychics are usually very consistent because the divine road is usually very definite and lucid. If you have a higher mission or specific destiny in this lifetime, it will not change so dramatically. Multiple sessions need to encompass the same concept, each time to tackle it from a different perspective or angle.

8. Constant Upselling: For example, if you went to a palmist or an astrologer, and at the end of the meeting they try to upsell you another treatment, product, or service, then you have wasted your time because they just attempted to sell you and not to solve your issue nor to provide clarity on your personal path to a brighter destiny.

9. Lack of Reviews or Bad Reviews: Don’t listen to rumors. Yet, if you see no reviews or negative reviews, you shouldn’t contact that person. Don’t waste your energy on people who will not add great value to your fate. Another nasty tactic is when they drop the names of celebrities in sneaky ways, to make us believe they are popular and worth the investment.

10. Extravagant Flattery: If they try too hard to put you in a good mood, or you notice that they try to please you with overly nice and optimistic readings, it’s a trap. When people are happy, they will incline to pay more money.

Few more bad tactics that should raise a red flag are: pressure to make an immediate decision, the readings sound too beautiful and dreamy, talking in general and not specific, not answering your actual questions, no good connection, unrealistic claims, and using stunts.

It is essential to note that if you realize a few of these tactics while in a psychic reading, then it doesn’t automatically mean you are dealing with an unreal psychic. The red flag should rise only if you see many indications of such unwanted actions. The right approach is to keep on being tolerant while you are alerted not to be manipulated.

Real psychics in different cultures

Back in the old days, people didn’t know a lot about the world. While everything seemed like magic, it also struck fear into their hearts. They didn’t know if they would have enough food to eat the next morning; they were living in uncertainty, wondering if wild animals would come and attack them. They couldn’t live in such conditions. So every tribe or group of people had a wise man who was actually the real psychic.

It was believed that those who had supernatural powers and marvelous abilities were messengers of the gods. There are many historical pieces of evidence of people in Greece, ancient Egypt, and Europe who visited oracles, seers, and fortune tellers. These prophets lived in impressive temples and whispered words of wisdom to people who needed insights.

They performed strange rituals and weird ceremonies to summon good energies and the help of spirits from heaven. They could cast spells and offer divine protection. The secret of the unknown practice was attributed only to a few of these people. Their main task was to intermediate between gods, nature, and people.

Native Americans and ancient Africans had “shamans” who were spiritual guides as in other cultures and societies. However, they had another job; they were healers and also had some basic medical knowledge. So they combined physical abilities with spiritual abilities to cure sick people.

In the Far East, a divination tool called “I Ching” was very popular among intuitive guidances. It was a method of organizing all the paranormal phenomena into structured rules that would make sense to the average person. With this method, people could make the right decisions. Seers from the Far East were very popular and famous; some of them lived with kings and emperors. The royal families consulted them with very dedicated issues such as when to go to war, how to manage the kingdom, and what kind of leadership actions they should take in the nearest future.

Even today, people need the services of real psychics. The phenomenon is not limited to TV shows and entertainment. Spiritualists help people on a daily basis; there are supernatural detectives who help the police solve crimes, there are pet psychics who help the animal kingdom, and many more significant contributions.

Besides, today we have technology like the internet, which practically gives us access 24/7 to psychics online. Whether it’s chat, email, phone calls, or messages, you can enjoy psychic readings from the comfort of your house; the predictions and advice will come to you. So go ahead and check the real psychic readers who are listed on this website.