Psychic Interview: Medium Lady Jane Dance (Angel Wing Readings)

Medium Lady Jane Dance

Discover Jane’s remarkable journey from a childhood haunted by spirits to her profound spiritual connections today. Despite challenges and battling cancer, Jane’s authenticity and transparency shine through in her psychic work. Through Angel Readings and Life Coaching, she guides clients to rediscover their spiritual essence. Learn more about Jane’s story in this insightful interview.

Table of Contents

Psychic Journey: From Haunted Roots to Spiritual Guidance

How did your early experiences as a medium shape your journey into psychic readings and spiritual work?

I grew up in a linear family: My father was a scientist, my Mum was the owner and operator of a pre-school and my sister was the replica of my father. The only person I got along with was my Mum.

Being a naturally born Medium, my father and sister didn’t understand my world of seeing and hearing spirits, as their world was about science and facts. My father and I were on opposite sides of the spectrum, which I’m sure was difficult for him to understand. My Mum has always been my best friend, so although she didn’t understand, she stood by my side…and continues to do so today.

I also grew up in a very haunted house, of course being a Medium, I was the one who was attracting the spirits, but I didn’t know that at the time. I didn’t realise I was different from my childhood friends. It’s not something that we spoke of, really. It was, and has always been, a way of life for me.

The spirits were always waiting for me when I came home from school, they would never leave the sanctity of the house. Our house was never a home, it was a place where we lived, alongside the spirits, but it never embodied warmth and love. This wasn’t down to my parents, it was because of the house. It had its own identity, its own heartbeat, and not necessarily a good heartbeat. There was a lot of darkness in that home, and those spirits were the ones that haunted me. Even to this day, some of my dreams take me to that basement, where one of those not so nice entities lived.

I lived with a poltergeist: Disembodied voices knew my name, objects disappearing as soon as I turned my back on them, footsteps walked around, when I was the only person home.

Televisions and radios turned themselves on and off, and items moved by their own accord. The house had a turbulent past, so I’m sure that didn’t help. Stepping over the threshold, you could tell something just wasn’t right. When friends would drop me off and ask which house was mine, I used to tell them that it was the one that “glowed green”, they thought I was joking but I wasn’t. It was that spooky.


Unfortunately my father didn’t last long in this lifetime, and in 1996, he passed away from brain cancer. In 2000, after years of feeling poorly myself, I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. This might come as a surprise, but it was a relief to have an actual diagnosis.

My Dad used to say that it was harder to watch someone watch someone who has cancer than having cancer, if that makes sense. Having cancer and going through the treatments is natural, but watching others watch you go through cancer is difficult.

The statistics used to say that one in four people will die from cancer and one in three will get cancer. That statistic was dead on for my family.

I was in the same hospital, in the same ward, with the same nurses my Dad had, only a few years later. I never asked “why” I had cancer, I never questioned it. I just accepted it. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

I moved into the hospital for three months, at times I was granted a day pass and returned in ambulances because the paramedics couldn’t find my pulse. I was really quite sick. It amazes me to see people walking around outside, these days, who have cancer and live their lives. I was not given that privilege. I dropped down to 90 lbs (I’m 5 ’10), every medication made me sick, I lost my hair, my fingernails, my identity.

I went into remission for 15 months and then in 2001, I moved back into the hospital for another three months, as the cancer was now in 70% of my body. Leukaemia is graded differently from the other cancers, but I had what would be classified as Stage 4.

I must have made some sort of impact because when the nurses were having a bad day, they would often come and talk to me and become enlightened. At times when I was sleeping, I could hear the nurses’ comment to my mum that I looked like an Angel. This comment continues to follow me since my cancer days.

Most of my memory is blank from back then, due to the heavy medications, the continuous infections, the endless procedures, the chemotherapy. What most people don’t realise is that chemotherapy not only wipes out cancer cells, it wipes out everything. It takes you to the brink of death and then the medical team pull you back.

One night, though, my doctors called my family and said to come quickly as I wasn’t going to live past that night. The chemotherapy and the Leukaemia took me into the Spirit World…(this tears me up as I write this).


Sadly, I don’t remember anything about crossing over, (probably due to all the drugs that were coursing through my veins), and in 2001 I received a bone marrow transplant from my lovely donor, Gaby who lives in Germany. She was a 100% miraculous match!

I was given 5 years to live with a 26% chance of survival to live out those years, but I have remained cancer free ever since.

Side Note: From talking to doctors and nurses, this match is deemed “impossible”. There is never a 100% match.

Because of my trip to the other side, I became a Gateway; I live with one foot in the Spirit World and one foot in the Physical World, simultaneously, making connecting and interacting with spirit as easy as breathing.

Authenticity in Psychic Readings: A Unique Approach

What makes your approach to psychic readings unique among others in the field?

I feel what sets me apart from other mediums is that I am not afraid to be me. I don’t put on a show, what you see is what you get. I don’t justify myself to anyone, I am sovereign with who I am and who I’ve become.

I’ve always considered myself perfectly imperfect and I am not afraid to honour that, in fact I celebrate it. People are afraid to be their true authentic selves, and they want to be someone else. I can’t say that.

I feel there is empowerment in being who we truly are, imperfections and all. I love being different because it sets me apart from others, in a good way.

So I think people can see my transparency and my genuinity. Being authentic and true to myself is what sets me apart from others.

In my readings, I will only tell my client what I see, whether the client agrees with it or not. I’ve learned that Spirit knows the truth, and if I say what the client wants to hear, versus what Spirit is telling me, then I only hurt myself and I suffer from it.

Although I can speak to deceased loved ones, they, (vibrationally speaking) are heavier than higher angelic beings of light. This is who my guides want me to talk to, so my readings focus on speaking with the Angels and higher.

I have a lot of trust in the Angels and my guides, and I don’t really know how this works, but all I need from my client is their first name and then I receive information for them. To start, it’s a small amount of messages but then as we talk, and my client asks questions (Angels love questions) more information is divulged.

How do your services, such as Angel Readings and Life Coaching, empower and support clients on their transformative journeys?

I offer Angel Readings, which is connecting to the clients Angelic beings of Light and relaying the messages I receive.

Many people ask me what their Angels names are, and frankly, I never know because their names aren’t important. I don’t know what the names of my Angels are, nor do I need to know. Giving names to something is a human experience, not an Angelic one.

When a client comes to me who feels they have lost their connection to their Spirit Guides or their Angels, once the reading begins, their spirit team comes in. During the reading, I can see the client transform from nervous, scared, fearful to love, abundance and light. It is really quite something to witness! Once the session ends, their connection to their angelic beings stays with them and the client is literally in a different realm than when they first came in. I have heard many clients tell me that after their sessions, a healing energy comes to them, often for weeks or months.

I also offer Life Coaching.

I have an absolute love of the subconscious mind, as everything stems from the subconscious. It can either hinder us or help us, and once we understand this mind, anything is possible. So my coaching involves breaking the patterns that have hindered my clients so that they can achieve whatever they desire, whether it be to build their intuitions or start a business or break a bad habit.

Any techniques I suggest, I have used on myself, I am my own guinea pig. I have come a long way, from a shy little girl who rarely spoke to a woman who has been on a television show, to numerous podcasts and events. I must be doing something right.

Exploring Psychic Beginnings and Spiritual Evolution

How did your journey into psychic readings and spiritual work begin, and how has it evolved over time?

I’m a “Jane of all trades” and in one of my past jobs, I used to work as a dog groomer, which was great because I could tell when the dogs were going to bite, before they did.

There was this one little shop that I loved to go to, that sold crystals, trinkets, etc. I had been there so often that the staff knew my name. They usually had a psychic there, and often rotated a few of them throughout the week.

My life was in shambles and I was going through yet another vivacious cycle, so I decided to go for a reading at this little shop. During the reading, it came to pass that my guides informed me that the current job I was doing (dog grooming) was too hard on my body and it wasn’t what I was supposed to do. The reader asked me what I wanted to do, and I said that I wanted to do readings for a living. As it turns out, the reader said she knew that there was a position available (at the shop) and that I should apply!

As this was something I hadn’t done before, not professionally, I was very nervous. I did apply and I had to read the owner, who was very intimidating. Luckily I only had to read one card. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to faint but I managed to tell her what I was hearing/feeling/seeing and she said I was a “natural”. I passed the test, without passing out, and I was hired.

I originally did readings using oracle cards, which are really a divination tool. I found it easier to use them, while listening to what Spirit was telling me as I did not have much confidence.

A few months in, I expressed to my guides that anyone can read cards, whether they are psychic or not. I told them that I wanted to be different and receive messages straight from Spirit, without the use of cards.

My wish was their command and the next reading I did, I didn’t use any cards! The messages flowed easily and freely. I haven’t used any oracle cards since.

How do you participate in your local or online spiritual community, such as through paranormal investigations and co-hosting a podcast?

2022 and 2023 were traumatic years for me, and I decided to step away momentarily from my calling.

My home flooded with sewage and my beloved cat died in 2022. In 2023, my beloved dog died and other people near and dear to me, broke my heart and left without explanation. It was too much for me, I needed to heal my head and heart. I wanted to stop feeling; I had always been there for others, keeping them from falling but it was time for me to be there for myself. So I stepped away and took employment in the aviation industry.

Having these couple of years to heal, evolve and grow has been a blessing. I had lost myself in the grief and trauma of the past years, especially losing two pets eight months apart. I really had had enough of the Spirit World and just wanted to “live like other people live”.

Although I love the aviation world, I know it is not where I am meant to be, it is not my calling.

A few days ago, I was sitting outside in the sunshine, reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, who talks about one’s Personal Legend (your calling) and pondering what my calling was and I knew it wasn’t working in aviation. The next day, the email for this generous opportunity arrived.

This year, a friend of mine approached me and asked if I would like to join her paranormal team, Unearthing Shadows Paranormal, as an investigator. Of course I jumped at the chance, having a deep love for the Spirit World and interacting with spirits all my life. I absolutely adore the spirit world, and what a better way to pay homage to them than by exploring and understanding their world, at a deeper and scientific level.

This same friend also asked me to be one of her co-hosts of her upcoming podcast The Weird Things I Learn which will explore this weird and wonderful world, paranormal topics, what it’s like to be a psychic medium, non paranormal topics, etc. There is a wide range of co-hosts, some being psychics, some being skeptics and others being both.

Apart from the investigation team and the podcast, I don’t chase opportunities, I just allow what is meant to flow in, to flow in.

Spiritual Odyssey: Insights, Influences, and Memorable Moments

How would you advise individuals navigating their own spiritual journey or awakening?

The advice I’d offer is to tell your story. I was once told that people look at me and think I’ve had an easy life, but they could be further from the truth. Perseverance and tenacity got me where I am today, because I refuse to give up. I want to see how far I can take myself and where I will go.

Other advice I’d offer would be to: Be authentic. Be real. Be genuine. Be honest. Be transparent. Be humble. Be yourself. You are you for a reason. Celebrate that.

When I first started to learn about my abilities and develop them, “Doubt” was my best friend and “Confidence” was nowhere to be found. Over the course of time, “Confidence” became my best friend and “Doubt” disappeared, but still shows up from time to time, which keeps me humble.

The two difficult elements to master are “Doubt” and “Confidence” but once you do, you soar with the Eagles.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, because even when you falter, there is a lesson in that space.

I have hit rock bottom a few times, and although society deems it as a bad place to be, I disagree. It is where you find yourself or find pieces of yourself which you’ve misplaced or forgotten. It is really a beautiful place to be in, but not to live in.

Anytime I want more of my gifts or abilities to open, instead of going to this workshop, or that class, I simply ask my team, “Let’s blow my gifts wide open, give me all of them at once!” But I generally get a little drop of what I ask for, but that little drop is like a drop from a tincture. It is full bodied and concentrated with powerful and dynamic goodness, and I discover new gifts or traits that I couldn’t do before I asked.

Which individuals or teachings have significantly influenced your spiritual journey, and how did they impact your perception of your abilities and path?

In my youth, I had often asked my guides to send me mentors to help me navigate the waters of this unique territory that I was wading through, but none were ever sent.

I never thought I was good at my abilities. I could see and hear spirits and I knew things before they happened, or knew what people were going to say before they said them. I always considered myself “lesser than” with my mediumship.

As I became older, I saw an advertisement for a weekend course on “how to build your intuition”, so I signed up. Little did I know, I was far more advanced than I thought, and could have taught the class myself. I had a difficult time doing the exercises, not because I couldn’t, but because I was receiving messages for the other students and the teacher!

Going to that class was a blessing because it showed me the reason why I was never sent a mentor or a teacher…because I would have learned to open up from that person’s point of view, not from the way my spirit guides wanted me to learn and open.

If you’ve asked for guidance to be sent to you, and no one has showed up, then there is a reason for that. You’re being told to listen, watch and wait. The answer will appear. It always does. Even in silence, there is a message.

I feel that everyone should discern what works for themselves, not what works for others because we don’t all fit into the same little box.

Could you share any memorable experiences from your career as a psychic?

When my beloved cat, Sprocket, passed away in September 2022, I was gutted. I had him since he was a kitten and he lived to 18 years of age.

A few days after he passed, I was listening to music (as I always do) with my Bose speaker. I was texting my friends about my cat and had written “my cat lived/loved for 18 years without going to the vet”.

(I have always been one who uses natural, cruelty free, chemical free products in my home and I look after my health with alternative practices like chiropractic, supplements or live blood analysis, especially after my cancer treatments, and I do the same for my pets).

As soon as I had written that sentence, my Bose speaker stopped playing the music (mid sentence, I might add) and said “my cat lived/loved for 18 years without going to the vet”. I was floored. This speaker is one way. You can not speak to it, well, you can, but you’re going to wait a long time for a reply, as it is not an Alexa or a Siri or a Google. It is a mini Bose speaker.

(The only other time it has spoken was when I was watching a movie about Mother Mary and I asked out loud that I’d love to connect with her, the same Bose speaker turned itself on and said “ready to connect”).

A few days after the Bose speaker event, I was having a shower and listening to music with the same speaker. A song came on and I could only make out the chorus, for some reason. No matter how hard I tried to listen to the song, I could only hear the chorus. The words were: “I miss you more than life”. When I googled the song, the title was called Ghost. I knew right away that the message was from Sprocket, who missed me more than life. **Tears are welling up in my eyes, as I write this.**

I have one wall in my living room that is mirrors, which reflect my ocean view. It is quite lovely. Sprocket used to lay on the back of the couch, right behind me. One night after his passing, I was getting ready to go to bed, in the mirror, there he was. I could not see him on the physical couch, but in the mirror he was there, full body, alive, well and sleeping peacefully as he did in life. It gave me such peace and comfort to see my lovely boy. **more tears**.

The bond between us and our pets is never truly broken in death. I feel the bond deepens.

Daily Rituals and Deep Client Connections

What daily rituals or practices do you engage in to nurture your spiritual connection and growth?

I’ve never really thought of this as a practice or a ritual, but every morning as I open the curtains I say out loud: “Good morning Earth, my love and appreciation flows out to you. Good morning Universe, my love and appreciation flows out to you. Good morning Spirit World, my love and appreciation flows out to you. Good morning Angels, my love and appreciation flows out to you.”

In the evening before I go to bed, I say: “Good night Earth, my love and appreciation flows out to you. Good night Universe, my love and appreciation flows out to you. Good night Spirit World, my love and appreciation flows out to you. Good night Angels, my love and appreciation flows out to you.”

I say this because the Earth, the Universe, the Spirit World and my team in spirit all support me, and so I want them to know that I love and appreciate them for doing so. My love for them grows stronger and stronger each day and if I have a bad or low day, I know that they are supporting me.

How do you prepare yourself to establish a profound spiritual connection with clients during readings or sessions?

Before a session, I don’t really ask for protection, because I know that I am always protected. I also don’t believe that we have to be grounded, not fully. I’ve read for people who are too grounded and the energies of the earth are too much for them.

I, myself, am only grounded to pay bills, or drive or do human tasks. I am always consciously aware of my surroundings, but most of the time I am in the spirit world, my home away from home.

Before a session I give permission to the clients guides “to use my eyes so that I can see what they see, to use my nose so that I may smell what they smell, to use my ears, so that I may hear what they hear, to use my tongue so that I may speak how they speak, to use my body so that I may feel what they feel.”

Then by using the client’s first name, I receive messages for that person and oftentimes, I will feel the pain that they have or I will become them, in a sense. I may speak with words that they use, or act like they do. I know other Mediums will say not to do this, but I’m not like other mediums, and this is what works for me. It is quite extraordinary!

One lady I was about to read for, after giving the permissions to, I suddenly felt like I had disconnected to Spirit and I was panicking. No matter what I tried to reconnect, I simply had nothing. No messages, no voices, not guidance. Nothing. I wondered how I was going to do a 45 minute session with zero information.

When the woman came on the call, I told her about how after giving her guides my permission to use my body, how I had suddenly lost all communication to Spirit, like it had just vanished.

Her response: “Jane, that is exactly how I have been feeling for months. I’ve lost all connection to my Spirit Guides…”


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