Psychic Interview: Claire Louise Hay (Be Healing)

Psyhcic Claire Louise Hay (Be Healing)

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I had the honour to interview Claire Louise Hay, the guiding force behind “Be Healing”. In this exclusive article for, we explore Claire’s extraordinary life path as a psychic reader, energy healer, and tarot enthusiast. Her first contact with spirituality started in early childhood and from there it evolved to a successful career dedicated to healing and transformation. Join us as we also discover Claire’s unique spiritual services and their powerful impact on the clients.

About Claire Louise Hay

Being a psychic reader is fascinating life path; can you give us some background information about yourself? Can you share how you were introduced to spirituality and how your connection to it has evolved since then?

I have been psychic as long as I remember. Unfortunately my gift was developed out of necessity to survive an abusive childhood. I would go within and connect with what I thought of as angels (I had a Catholic upbringing) and I got a lot of solace from them, they also brought me up in a way.

As the years went on I realized that when others would ask rhetorical questions such as “Why did this happen to me?” I would hear the answer. I would often pass on this guidance. Often people would come to me with their woo stories, their seeing angels, their seeing ghosts, I never put myself out there as a psychic, but people would naturally be drawn to me with these kinds of things.

After giving up a corporate IT career in my 20’s in order to follow my soul’s calling to be a healer, I set up a business in Neurotherapy, an EEG Biofeedback modality for psychological & neurological conditions, but I soon found that the messages I was told to pass on to my customers had much more of a profound healing effect than the treatment I was giving, so slowly but surely I prioritized my psychic gift & added tarot cards to give what I do more structure.

I was driven to both heal myself of the psychological trauma I had sustained, including PTSD and also to pass on what I learned, what worked for me, to help others with their own healing. My spirit guides (as I now know them to be, rather than angels, I had turned my back on religion & trusted my direct connection with source, my own spirituality) wanted me to work directly with them, rather than learn from other healers, so that I was a pure channel without outside influence. I have been very fortunate to be able to work full time doing just this for over 21 years, as a psychic reader and energy healer.

Tarot reading

With a 21 year journey in tarot reading and a YouTube audience of 2 million views, could you take us back to where it all began for you with tarot reading and describe how your practice has grown or transformed over the years?

My father bought a second hand book store in England and as I was helping him get it off the ground, a lady came in asking to order 20 sets of angel cards, she was running an angel workshop and I wanted to know all about it. Of course I put the order in for 21 decks not 20 and I played with these cards for my own guidance.

I was sorting through books in the cellar of the shop and I found a tarot deck, the mythical tarot, along with the book that goes with it and I claimed it as my own. So that was my first tarot deck and I read through the book, but I found that I connected more with the angel deck at that time.

A few years later I was practicing Neurotherapy and would hire treatment rooms in which to do it, in healing centres in Byron Bay, Australia. Whenever we were quiet at the healing centre, we would all sit around and give each other tarot readings, which at the time I was just doing for myself and for fun with my friends, but of course once I started doing the readings for the other tarot readers there, they were wowed and said that I was really good at it.

I revealed to them about my psychic abilities, which I had been using, but not admitting to it being that. As I was mostly treating local people rather than tourists, I would be very busy in school term time but quiet on school holidays and this is when the rest of the rooms would be the busiest. They all encouraged me to add my energy healing and tarot reading to my practice so that my room would be busy all year round, and so I did.

In time I got my own shop and before long I was fully booked for my services and people were travelling far and wide to see me, not being able to book in with me, many requested emailed or phone readings, which I gave. I had the idea to take payments on my website for these telephone and emailed bookings and as soon as I put those buttons on my website, that was it! I would have so much online work that I often didn’t want people to show up at my shop, I was so busy.

I gave up the shop and started to work from home, solely online, which suits me and my gift better, it’s more pure when I can’t see the person or make assumptions about them, I just have an order and my guides tell me what needs to be said in the reading and I do it.

What is your favorite tarot deck and why?

Favorite tarot deck at the moment it is The Tarot of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein. I had her matching oracle deck first and loved it, then purchased the tarot deck. The artwork is great, often my guides get me to focus on different parts of the pictures to give their messages.

Also this deck has a feminine and masculine version of the kings and the Emperor, which I find gives me very clear messages about the energies that are in play. I have so many decks, but this is my current fave.

Energy healing

Could you elaborate on how you conduct an energy healing session?

As a very early adopter of meditation as a child, I was well practiced in going within. I remember purchasing a book about yoga in my 20’s and one chapter was on meditation, I tried it, it was telling me to stare at a candle, I found it very strange and couldn’t get into this meditative state.

Little did I know that I was already doing mediation regularly, I just didn’t realize that it was mediation until I met some energy healers and I asked could I join in what they were doing, as I did, I got instantly in my healing mode and they all said I was a powerful healer and this was meditation, this state that I would get into.

So with all that being said, I find it very easy and fast to get into this state, it’s a state of meditation and when I get into that state for someone else, to give them an energy healing, whether they are present in person or I’m doing it at a distance, it doesn’t matter to me as my eyes are generally closed anyway, I feel the person whether they are present or not.

Then my spirit guides take charge of the healing, often I am watching it like a video in my minds eye, sometimes I have things to do with the energy, rather than just holding the meditation state, holding the space for it, and facilitating it. Once the healing is done, I write down everything I saw, picked up on, what happened, and any messages I was given for them and send it to them via email.

I see energy healing as a temporary reprieve, a facilitator of calm and ease, of clarity, with information to help the client, from this easier state, do the inner work that is given to them, in order for the healing to be more longer term. I think the combo of conscious healing, so them knowing what and why and what they need to deal with inside of their own consciousness, along with the energy work, to make it easier for them to do, is the most powerful.

This is why I offer reduced priced energy healings when anyone books a guidance reading with me, this combination can be life changing!

Breakthrough coaching

How do you integrate coaching methods with your psychic abilities to guide individuals from feeling lost to a state of deep understanding, empowerment, and freedom?

This is a face to face reading via video call, which makes it more interactive. Often people book in for these when they want a more in depth session to really go there, you know, to get to the bottom of something that has been weighing them down or something they haven’t been able to figure out in their lives.

These sessions are led by the customer, so it’s different to a reading where I rarely have any information about the customer. In these sessions they can tell me what’s going on and I can really go into depth by pulling cards, incorporating energy healing, and anything else that comes up. They are life changing.

Can you elaborate on how you connect with a person’s higher self during your coaching sessions to provide the necessary insights for personal growth and transformation?

I find that I can give the big picture information, the higher view, often about parents that perhaps aren’t around anymore and their intentions, where they were coming from, their perspective, that often leads to a HUGE letting go and forgiveness healing that sets the client free. I don’t have to do anything special to connect with their higher self, with anyone else’s energy involved, it all comes very easily to me and is given to me, all I do is listen, I am very good at listening to energy and picking it up, then explaining it.

Manifestation and meditation

What inspired you to create the program 21 wishes in 21 days?

I got into law of attraction and as was my way, often disagreed with parts of it, just as I had disagreed with parts of religions that I learned about, or parts of other spiritual teachings that I learned about. Things didn’t align completely with what my guides would tell me, so in my blog and videos I would pass on what I learned.

I had been making energy healing meditations and selling them online and they were very popular, I wanted to make something that would help people more easily manifest what they want, with a daily program to listen to. I sat in my walk in wardrobe to make this series, I remember it well, and it had the best acoustics in the house.

I used this program myself to inspire me, listening to it every morning before work. To be able to listen to a guided meditation that also gets you into an open responsive state, a calm relaxed state, which is in itself an aligned state, then being given some simple instruction of what to focus on and why, I find this powerful. It doesn’t overcomplicate things, as some teachings can often do.

My books

You have written many helpful books, which are available to purchase on Amazon. What are some common topics or messages that you aim to convey through your books on spirituality?

My first book, “The Healing Path Within”, was the only book I ever wrote in the way that people often say to write a book, a little every day, so many words in a week. I had started to write books in the past and had never finished them but I was more determined with this one to finish and as it is a daily guidance book, some guidance for each day of the year, the structure kept me at it until it was finished. This was published at the end of 2011.

That was the only book that was written in this way. The rest happened as follows:

waking up in the middle of the night with a book writing itself in my head, not being able to go back to sleep because of all the words coming to me, having to get up and type it all in and not stop until the book was done. So each one was purely channeled and took a day to write.

It was an exhausting process and could only happen when I was in a relationship so that there was someone else there to take care of me, feed me, give me water etc. while I was in this very focused state of scribing what I was receiving. They were like one long, very long, reading. As such I have never been the one to choose a topic, rather it was chosen for me.

However I am here, it is my intent, to use all of my gifts to help myself and others heal themselves and reach alignment so that they can live a fantastic life. I think we all deserve this and I know it takes a lot of inner work to be able to do that. My guides know what I will do and what I won’t do, I have always had strong boundaries with them, I’m not here to entertain with my gifts, or to prove them, but to help those who are seeking answers, who are ready to heal themselves, who have the determination required to really go there, to those dark places that need to be looked at in order to be released.

I haven’t written a book for a long time, and I anticipate that some day one will be born through me again, perhaps soon I hope.

Interesting stories

I was working in corporate IT and many times realized that really I wanted a private healing practice, but I didn’t know where to start, what I wanted to offer, every time I thought about doing a healing course, it would fall through, be cancelled, the path was being blocked off for me.

But I just couldn’t waste myself working in a career that was not helping anybody, it seemed so pointless, so I decided to take the leap, to just leave and see where my guides would take me. Needless to say my corporate friends thought I had lost my mind, I started to have to keep my surrendering to the path quiet, keeping it to myself or just to those who might understand.

I had to give a few months notice and train those who would follow in my footsteps. The weekend before my final week at work, I did something that I rarely ever did, I put on the TV. There was a show about Africa on, I flipped to another channel, another show about Africa and a couple who were helping orphans finding their families there. Then I opened a magazine lying on the table, there was an article, you guessed it, it was about Africa. I looked up and said “OK I get the message, Africa, got it! No need for a neon sign saying Africa to hit me on the head” In my last week at work everyone was asking what I was going to do next and I didn’t know.

The day before my final day I received an email from a charity that I had been involved with. They were asking their email list if anyone was available the next week to help out in Africa. Needless to say, I knew that this was where I needed to go, so right away I organized getting myself there. I worked at an orphanage and medical centre in Uganda, helping them, then made arrangements to get computers and to take them there and train the staff to use them for admin, some of the children were very interested in learning about them too.

One time I was at the headquarters of the charity, in Germany, they had a visitor who was a pioneer in Neurotherapy teaching a weekend seminar and I was interested in learning about it. After all of my work in Uganda was done, when I returned home, my residency visa for Australia had arrived, which I had applied for before I quit my corporate job.

I moved countries and found that nobody was offering Neurotherapy where I had moved to, so I went to study more so that I could open my own practice, this was the birth of Be Healing, my business, that I still have to this day. My guides have led me every step of the way, my path has involved 4 continents, many moves, having to sell most of my things over and over again, but it has been a wild ride and continues to be so. Sometimes you have just got to let go, surrender to the path and see where the signs take you to! My path is now involving heath & fitness, longevity, I’m still following the signs and I am interested as to where this is all headed.

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