Can Psychics Clear Negative Energy?

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Yes! Psychics can clear negative energy. So, if you’ve ever felt that you have bad luck or nothing is going as it should, you might consider a psychic cleanse. Imagine if a spiritualist could wash away all your troubles, letting go of all those negative vibrations around you and giving you clear instructions to follow the right path to success. Well, this is not a dream because a gifted diviner can brighten your life and cleanse all the bad energy.

Psychics are energy detectives; they possess a special ability to spot the source of bad luck or negative energy and perform a ritual to cast it away for a long time. The equivalent phenomenon is like cleaning a house full of dirt and mess, but in this case, it happens in the metaphysical realm.

But how exactly do psychics clear negative energy? They use many tools like sage, incense, salt, oil, feathers, crystals, and more. Additionally, they perform sacred rituals that date back centuries. These rituals might be familiar to you, as today they are known as Chakra, meditation, Reiki, and Aura reading. All these methods are used to bring you back to harmony and balance.

Always remember that as much as a psychic will try to assist, the subject of the matter is you. He or she can guide you, but in order for this to work and to get rid of negative energy, you will have to do some work as well, especially to keep the vibes situation always in control.

Invisible Negative Energy

Invisible negative energy is one of the worst things that can get stuck to you. I’m not just talking about bad luck, as it can often affect your mood. Have you ever felt sad or in the wrong mood and you don’t know why? Bad energy can be a possible reason for that.

The impact of gloomy vibes is like a snowball, a small annoying vibration that drags you down for a long period. And the thing is, because it is invisible, people are not aware of it. So, they try to blame everyone else, including themselves. And the worst part is that they get used to living like this; they think that this is life, we need to cope with it and try to survive. But sometimes, there are solutions for such cases, an intervention by a real psychic.

It doesn’t end in the spiritual world; we can see manifestations of negative energy in the physical world as well. Even scientists have acknowledged that our bodies can become sick because of bad feelings we have, stress, and just living out of balance.

It is like carrying a backpack full of rocks. Every time you add just a little harmless pebble to the collection, but after years it becomes so heavy, it pulls you down to the ground. Fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and even panic attacks might be caused by bad energy around. Now, it doesn’t mean that you are off the hook as it is caused by outer influences; you do have a part in the situation and therefore, there are steps you can take as well.

You are not alone, and this topic is not new. Since the creation of the world, negative energy has always been around us; it is a part of the universe, you cannot delete it, but you can make it go away – for a while or for good, depending on how stubborn you are.

Psychics, Energy Whisperers, and Healers

Psychic healers possess incredible abilities to see the unseen. This skill lets them find the source of negative energy. It can be at home, office, garden, an item, and even your own body. They scan the area through their intuition and laser focus vision until they encounter something distinctive. I talked to many healers, and they usually describe it as a cloud or colorful smoke around an item or a place that has a bad frequency, sometimes it can manifest as a noisy sound too.

The problematic place or article is usually found in the shadows; it is something that we don’t normally pay attention to, just waiting there to influence us in a bad way. Many people believe that it is also some kind of curse, and this is also true. So, psychics test different approaches to each situation in order to identify and neutralize the cause.

Energy whisperers are those who can manipulate energy. They are called “whisperers” because they do it very subtly and gently. They are skilled in transforming bad influences into good outcomes. For example, I once encountered someone who told me that the ghost of a dead person haunted her kitchen usually at nights. And a psychic convinced the spirit to leave the place and continue his journey through the next spiritual gate.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy

Here are some effective ways to get rid of negative energy and brighten your day. Some can be done alone by yourself, and other methods might need an expert to perform.

Burning sacred herbs: Healers have knowledge of which herbs can be used in a cleanse ceremony. The point is that the smoke can attach to the negative vibes and carry it out of a certain place. However, only specific herbs can create the right smoke.

Crystals: Beautiful rocks that transmit a special frequency to the air. They can block bad vibes, but you have to use the right crystal; otherwise, it will just mix together and be unhelpful at all. Usually, they are used more as protection because of their size; they can’t block large energies, and you won’t fill your entire house with endless stones.

Salt: Is believed to purify almost everything. It absorbs the negative vibration, so make sure you are getting rid of it a few hours after the ritual. Many use it in their bath when taking a shower to create a shield of protection around their Aura.

Sound healing: Sound can restore balance by breaking up existing waves. It’s recommended to use in places with a lot of noise and crowds. Among the common tools are tuning forks, bells, wind chimes, Tibetan bowls, and even singing and chanting.

Water: Washing not only the dust but also the negative energy. Pour water on the floor, windows, doors, and just swipe them out with the bad frequencies. It’s better to use natural water from nature like lakes, rain, or springs. Some might use holy water and carry it with them everywhere in a tiny bottle.

Ancient spells: Psychics cast spells during rituals. These are special ancient words with distinctive sounds, the aim is to say them on the right frequency so it will release positive energy. There is usually a meaning behind these mantras and chants which is really hard to decipher, as the origin is in ancient languages that are not spoken anymore today.

Amulets: These are fun and useful as you can carry them with you all day long. It is better to wear them on your person, if possible. Putting talismans inside your pockets or wallet is also an option, but when you hide it, the effectiveness decreases.

Feng Shui: The Chinese art of arranging the furniture inside the house to let the energy flow more naturally. It might attract better energy and a calm atmosphere.

Can you clear energy by yourself?

Yes, you can clear negative energy by yourself. You are more than welcome to use the methods discussed here and clear your spiritual path. But note that sometimes the energy is very stubborn and will not go away after one trial; you might need to do it a few times through a week or even a month.

However, if the problem persists or gets worse – yes, this could happen too, then you might consider calling a professional psychic healer. A spiritualist can communicate with unwanted entities and try to show them a good path to follow, to let them move on to their next divine destination.

Sometimes these spirits are stuck and need some direction, but others know that they are going to a bad place like hell, so they try to avoid this fate and stick near you. These are the hard cases, and you will not be able to do it alone; it might get worse. I knew people who left their haunted house because they couldn’t bear the conditions anymore.

Cultural examples

In Hindu culture, it is common to practice Ayurveda – a method of balancing the body with techniques, herbs, and special food. They also incorporate exercises such as yoga and walking meditation to release and make the body’s energy more vital.

In Japan, the famous method to remove negative energy is with a practice called Reiki. These psychics call upon the positive vibes of the earth and lead them to their hands. From the hands, they transmit it to the body of the person who has energetic blockages.

In ancient Greece, it was very common to go to a temple and meet a pastor. His job was to perform sacred rituals for people who have spiritual problems, or manifestations in the real world of heavenly bad vibes. He would contact the Gods and ask them for blessings and protection against evil spirits.

In Africa, traditional shamans are those who deal with negative energy. When needed, they will most likely use herbs and sages in their rituals. They might also use animal bones as divination tools to find the source of the negative energy.