Psychic interview: Astrid Boot – a Spiritual Healer & Teacher

Astrid Boot spiritual healer

Astrid Boot, a Spiritual Healer & Teacher, has been doing her spiritual work since 2006 in the Netherlands and continued from 2011 in Australia. She facilitates empathetic women and men who’ve had traumatic experiences, helping them heal and let go of the pain so they can stand in their power again and feel at peace. Read all about her in this interview.

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Astrid Boot

From Palm Reading to Mediumship and Healing

How did you find out about your spiritual abilities?

In my early 20s, at a spiritual expo, a man read my palm and said I am a healer. He moved energy with his hand from my hand to my elbow and back and asked if I could feel that. I definitely did. I had no idea what to do with the info about me being a healer, so I just left it at that.

In 2006, I was studying hypnotherapy, regression therapy, and psychodynamic therapy – a 4-year education. I had a mediumship reading from a nationally well-known medium in the Netherlands. I was always drawn to spirituality and thought it was fascinating. I found out this medium would start a new mediumship course.

I was super interested and thought it would be a great add-on to my therapist skills, so I enrolled. In the meantime, the group was fully booked, but the teacher’s guides told her I was supposed to be part of it, so I became the extra person in the group.

The first lesson of the mediumship education started with an exercise that I’ll never forget. In less than 10 minutes, we grounded ourselves into mother earth, cleansed our energy, connected to the Source of pure unconditional Love, and placed a protection around ourselves.

With the cleansing part, I saw so much darkness flowing out of me! All polluted energy that I had picked up during my life was, for the first time, released. I got the insight that I had absorbed all energies of the people and their traumas during all example sessions in the therapy education.

That was the reason why I was always so tired at the end of a weekend with classes. This energy work was the missing part for me to do my work well. It made sense to me how spirituality would be a great combination with therapy methods. I felt more complete to integrate the two together.

In the meantime, I had done my first healing course also, a healing modality called Universal White Time Healing, and I had started my own business from home. My hands were glowing when I gave healings. Who would have thought what the palm reader said all those years ago would be my new profession and own business?

Practising readings during the mediumship education went well and I was often flabbergasted by how everything had come together with this new spiritual path in my life.

Holistic Reading Sessions

What sets your approach to readings apart from others in the field?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that every reading turned into a healing session anyway. My clairsentience is strong and when I feel my client has anxiety, I don’t just want to acknowledge the anxiety, but I want the client to be freed from it too! With my healing and therapy skills, we can instantly work on releasing the anxiety. My goal is always that my client leaves a session feeling lighter, more empowered, more at peace, more confident, and more in control over their lives.

When a client books a reading or other session with me, I want them to have a specific issue they want to work on. When we have a topic or specific issue to work on, we can set a clear intention for the outcome. With that intention, the whole universe can work with us to make that happen.

I want my clients to know that they are always responsible for their own actions and decisions. My information can be guidance in their lives, but I don’t want people to let opportunities pass because of that. I’ve heard stories about descriptions of a future partner by a medium where people dismiss possible partners that are not exactly that description. This is also a reason I’d like to focus in readings on the present time and not on the future.

Healing Strategies and Programs

What methods and programs do you offer to help clients with their healing process?

I have several ways I can help a client in their healing process. It depends on what they want to work on. With issues like anxiety and depression, I can use kinesiology muscle testing to find out root causes and we can release them with healing techniques. While I’m muscle testing, my intuition and guides always help to point me in the direction of what’s necessary to release.

With grief and losses, I can do the same, plus connect with a loved one, so through the love of your loved one, more healing can take place. I can also help you with simple exercises to connect with your own deceased loved one(s) so you can experience their energy. When helpful, I can share how I’ve dealt with my own grief after losing my husband, so you can empower yourself. In times of grief, you feel not strong, heart-broken, and often think you can’t handle the situation, but when you look back later in time, you can see how strong you were and that you have dealt with it all.

I also offer programs to work on yourself where you take back control over your life again. This is for when you have multiple traumatic experiences or several topics in your life you want to work on.

During the year, I teach all levels of Reiki healing, and I organize workshops like ancestral clearing & healing, and a course in Kinesiology & Healing about how I work with kinesiology.

Can you tell the impact of losing your own husband and how you’ve dealt with your own grief?

The impact of losing my true love, for whom I emigrated to the other side of the world, was huge. Fears of how to survive without him, a lot of negativity from people who had other opinions and intentions than what I had promised my husband, becoming ill myself half a year later which impacted my business, financial stress, and a grieving daughter who missed her stepsister. Of course, my confidence and self-esteem decreased through the trauma, and with that, also the confidence in my spiritual connection.

It brought me back to who I really am and what my own needs are. I went back to dancing and singing to find my spark again. I learned so much about natural medicines, essential oils, organic foods and diet, and how emotions were the cause of deficiencies in my body.

With this knowledge and new healing techniques on my path, I found out how to help myself and my clients improve health. Sharing knowledge and experiences is an important part of my work. Taking the time to heal was and still is important in my life. I work every day on myself, and it’s my highest priority.

What do you advise clients for their healing process?

Create a daily routine and schedule time for what you need to nurture yourself and recharge your energy. What are your hobbies, and how often do you want to practice them? Schedule time for it or enroll in a course related to your hobby. If you recharge by going to a forest or making a beach walk, schedule it in.

How do you quiet your mind? Meditation can be a good way to achieve this, so schedule that in. What is your sleeping practice to have a deep, relaxed sleep? Schedule in to take that hot bath with salts and oils, listen to music with a high frequency, and nourish your skin with a beautiful body lotion. Schedule in to cook a healthy meal for yourself, or with friends if you enjoy cooking for a group. Do the work that you love, that excites you, and that brings you joy.

Listen to the signals of your body and act upon them. Take the time for yourself when you feel you need to be alone. Allow your feelings to be there. Journal them so you can let them go and get new insights. I am a fan of using EFT Tapping when I feel emotions. While tapping, I speak out loud what I feel and think, and it calms me. There are many free videos online where you can tap along with. Reiki self-healings are a great self-help tool too. It calms your mind and body and helps to sleep better.

Another piece of advice is to celebrate every step forward, every success, and every breakthrough. We often forget to do this, but it boosts your confidence if you celebrate too.

I believe the most important aspect of your healing is to reconnect your heart with your head so that they are working together to help you be You. Also, work on unblocking your own connection to the Source of pure unconditional Love, so you receive your own guidance and answers.

Of course, we all have times where emotions are in the way, and we can use some professional help to unblock that. I am one of those professionals who can assist and facilitate healing and guidance in your personal growth process.

Spiritual Connection and Frequency Healing

How do you see the future of spiritual healing and your role in it?

I believe we are all working on having our own strong spiritual connection again and strengthening this connection. The people who are consciously working on themselves notice that their connection is growing stronger. Many people have opened up and receive amazing guidance. Others are just at the start of their spiritual journey to discover their own connection.

I also believe that we need to focus on frequency healing in all its forms. Sound healing and mantras are getting popular for a reason. I personally have noticed that my energy healings have become so much stronger. In one session, many blockages and old energy layers can be transformed. Also, disease has a frequency, and if we raise the frequency in and around you, healing takes place. Through psychic work, high frequencies for healing can come through, and it has the intelligence to go to wherever it’s needed to bring the necessary healing at that time for that person.

In the coming years, I believe that I’ll go to simply not having to muscle test any longer and receiving the answers for what needs to be released and how to facilitate that. So, to being a facilitator for the healing frequencies necessary and able to do group healings in a room and online, accompanied by teaching about these frequencies and increasing the consciousness level. I know that I’ll be traveling to other countries and continents for my work. I feel excited about this frequency healing and can’t wait to experience how this evolves.

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