How to become a psychic medium step by step

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Becoming a psychic medium is more than using crystal balls, tarot cards, and making predictions. It’s about connecting with energies, people, and nature altogether. The road to becoming a light worker isn’t as easy as you might think from popular culture, TV shows, and movies. It’s not just fun and superpowers; you have to work hard, and you might see visions that can sometimes be unpleasant as well.

First thing first – it’s important to make it clear to yourself why you would like to become a psychic medium. Is it something deep within your soul, mere curiosity, or maybe just to play with the unknown world? This kind of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and you have to define the exact reason why you want to pursue it.

Second of all, prepare yourself for a long journey. Every person who is a real psychic medium didn’t learn it in a day or a month. It takes years, sometimes decades, to become professional in this field. There are many steps to take, and each one of them has to be completed successfully before moving to the next level.

And third, gaining ancient knowledge and following masters or gurus isn’t enough. There’s also a long process of practice. This practice includes rituals, ceremonies, using divination tools, and helping people.

What is the meaning of a psychic person?

The definitive meaning of a psychic person is someone who has the natural ability to bridge the metaphysical and the material world. The role of mediums is to deliver messages between the spirits and the people. As messengers, they work both ways and use symbolic language to make it understandable for both sides. On top of that, professional mediums and spiritual therapists can provide guidance and different perspectives on difficult situations.

Every spiritual worker has a different gift; not everyone is the same, and it’s shown in different forms: Telepath, Clairvoyant, Numerologist, Medium, Tarot Reader, Empath, Intuitive, Astrologer, Channeler, and more. Therefore, as you progress, you will have to choose which spiritual techniques and methods are best for you.

Become a psychic medium – step 1: preparation

Before you even start, ponder upon what your spiritual beliefs are and the motivations behind your desire to become a psychic medium. Every person comes from a different background, and at stage one, it has a deep influence on him or her. Some are skeptics, others are religious, and then there are the curious ones.

Be honest with yourself because if you are entering the spiritual gate just to manipulate others or to gain quick success, then the tables will turn one day, according to the laws of karma. The psychic phenomenon is built on pure intention and the willingness to help, even when it’s not convenient.

Now is the time to see what you actually would like to do, and there are many options to choose from. So, try everything for a first impression and experience, see how you deal with it, and check if it’s a practice you would like to continue with for many years to come. For example: energy protection, meditation, communicating with spirits and dead souls, dream interpretation, astrology, or tarot reading. Each field requires years of practice and experience.

Always remember that being a psychic medium means there is a responsibility you must accept. There are ethical principles, clear boundaries, and most importantly, to be trusted, compassionate, and good-hearted.

Don’t skip this step! These are the foundations of your new life as a psychic medium; it has to start correctly right from the beginning. You must be committed to the job 100% and also open yourself, be sensitive, and maintain a fresh perspective. The progress will challenge you every day, so be prepared for demanding situations. An additional idea is to talk with a professional medium or a consultant before you start learning, listen to their stories, and reflect on whether this is for you and if you think you can do it.

Become a psychic medium – step 2: develop psychic abilities

Congratulations, you have finished step number 1 and now you are ready to learn how to develop psychic abilities!

So the basis of every spiritual work is meditation. It’s not just about relaxing; it changes our brain waves to the right frequency of the psychic world. If you are not familiar with it, then at times it will be very difficult. Your mind will resist calming, you might have many thoughts running through your head, and you won’t be able to stop them. That is perfectly fine. But as you gain more experience, you will succeed in reducing them and changing the mode to receiving new messages.

Other than the mind, we have energy spots in our body called “Chakras”. The mission is to keep them working well, meaning to balance and open them during a psychic medium session. When everything is aligned perfectly, the energy flows well without interferences.

Every chakra is responsible for a peculiar aspect; your mission is to control them all together:

The root, which is in the spine and symbolized in red, is in charge of our survival needs and stability.

The sacral, located in our belly, has an orange color and symbolizes creativity, joy, and vitality.

The solar plexus can be found near the stomach; it’s yellow and associated with confidence and taking action.

The heart chakra is on our left side above the heart; it’s green and related to love, relationships, and feelings.

The throat chakra is blue and helps us to communicate and spread ideas and thoughts.

The third eye chakra is between the eyes and is purple. It rules the ability to have visions, predict the future, and accumulate wisdom.

The crown chakra is inside our head and usually white. It represents our spirituality and mystic powers.

Meditation and opened chakras will definitely increase your awareness and intuition. And then you will be ready to communicate with the spirits and angels.

Become a psychic medium – step 3: knowledge

Knowledge is power; the more information you have, the more psychic powers you will gain. General wisdom is widely spread in many sources like internet websites, books, literature, and even historical artifacts like scrolls and other archaeological items. Therefore, if you want to know how to become a psychic medium, it is quite easy to get the initial ideas.

However, the golden knowledge, the secrets, and what really works, are hidden from most of humanity. For this, you will have to find someone who will teach you the unseen theory and practice. Reading books is all fine, but a guru or empath therapist or a medium will surely help you more. They have already made all the mistakes possible, spent too much time exploring, and solving problems. Their information will bring you closer to the final phase.

A good idea is to attend some meetups, psychic fairs, and events, even if they are unofficial or more social gatherings. In this way, you can get to know many other psychics, make contact, and slowly learn from their lifestyle. And a side bonus is to meet new friends; you can form not only professional colleagues but maybe true friends as well.

Go to seminars, classes, courses, and workshops that relate to psychic medium development. There are many interesting topics in these kinds of seminars; among them are spiritual nutrition, healing, finding the purpose of life, reading sacred texts, breathwork, spiritual art, and many more. And it is also fun to participate in those courses.

Education is something that never ends; you can always learn more and more. It will accompany you through all the years of practice.

Become a psychic medium – step 4: experience and practice

Practice is done alone but also in groups. The main practice is to spend time with yourself in a quiet room or preferably in nature. The exercise should be done daily, and you can vary it from time to time so it won’t be boring or too repetitive. In addition, test yourself to see if you are progressing because it is easy to get stuck at the same level. The changes are very subtle and require a deep understanding.

At first, you will not have clients, and in fact, you should not have any until you are sure you can help them. This is a personal responsibility that needs to be addressed. Anyway, at that stage, you can offer free psychic readings to family and friends. These people usually won’t care if you make mistakes because they are close to you, and they didn’t pay any money; they have nothing to lose and might have an amazing experience. They could also give feedback and suggest improvements.

Reflecting on the journey can be easily done by writing a diary or some kind of journal. Document everything you do and track the progress. From time to time, go back to the diary and read what you have done in the past while reviewing the current situation.

Become a psychic medium – step 5: responsibility and ethics

In every work, there are definite boundaries, especially when it comes to becoming a psychic medium. If a client starts to ask you private questions, refuse to cooperate. The fact that they pay money doesn’t mean they can do anything. You can decline psychic services at any minute from people who try to harm. Always work in a safe environment; the best option is through the internet, public places, or an actual office or shop.

Privacy and confidentiality are also part of the psychic’s responsibility and ethics. Clients often share with us everything: hopes, secrets, and fears. They trust us to be professional and not spread the news across the whole city. If they can’t open up and tell everything, then it may affect the psychic reading, and the results won’t be accurate.

Every psychic has to have integrity and honesty during the session. It is not best practice to tell people only what they want to hear. Furthermore, under no circumstances should you ask for more money just for your financial benefits. Usually, a psychic reading doesn’t have to be long, and there is no need to have a reading every day. Once a month is okay, but every other day is too much and loses effectiveness. The spiritual world works slowly but surely.

If you have encountered a sign or message from the spirits, you must deliver it exactly as it is; don’t change anything. The person has the right to get it in the most pure way. Later, you can interpret the meaning of the symbols.

Let these principles be the cornerstone of the psychic medium work; they will be your best friends who will guide you and the future clients to success and fulfillment.

Become a psychic medium – step 6: certifications

Getting certifications from specific institutes or schools is not necessary if you want to have a psychic medium career. It is just a form of recognition and validation for your skills. Most spiritual workers don’t have it unless it is related to some kind of therapy, which might be related to divination.

Certification programs are more used to train and teach everything needed for becoming a real psychic. It can be in person at a small seminar, one-on-one mentorship, coaching, evening school, or online course.

Any certification is not an assurance of mastery; it is just a diploma, and the work is usually done in the real world. It is a good step toward achieving proficiency, yet it is not enough. Anyway, when you apply for a certain school, always check its reputation and reviews from other people who have already attended.

Become a psychic medium – step 7: building a business

After you have learned and practiced all the aspects of mediumship and psychic abilities, it is time to build a business and get paid for the amazing job. The cheapest way to start without spending too much money is to build a website. This is your virtual shop in which you can offer psychic services to other people in your city, state, and practically anywhere on the globe. List there the skills, testimonials, prices, contact information, and maybe related items to buy like crystals, tarot decks, candles, oils, and etc.

The next step is to promote your small business on social media and via networking with people in the real world. Many platforms with millions of users can be found online. Popular sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube can be a gateway to potential clients and to promote your personality and psychic services. You can have many followers who would like to hear your perspective on certain events, offer them free psychic readings as an introductory offer, create videos, and get referrals.

If there is a lot of traction to your psychic business, considering opening an office or physical shop is the next step to expand the business. From this point, the opportunities are endless.

How to become a psychic therapist

In the psychic profession, there are two paths that usually look very similar: psychic medium and psychic therapist. And you might choose one of them or both in your daily practice.

The divine therapist uses psychic powers and abilities but also applies therapeutic methods, some of which are taken from behavioral psychology. The prime goal is to generate deep healing processes to the soul while focusing on emotions, feelings, and mental issues. So the work is more complicated; it is not just about receiving messages from the spirits and interpreting them, but also suggesting actions and steps that the client must take to overcome the hardships of life.

Usually, these psychic therapists have some kind of certification, as we discussed earlier in step 6 of how to become a psychic. It can be in an alternative field of psychology or some kind of coaching.

Furthermore, because of the holistic nature of the therapy, the psychic works in long sessions, and more meetings are needed until the client has successfully resolved the issues that are bothering him or her.

What does a psychic do?

To sum up this mini-guide on how to become a psychic medium, here is a list of what a psychic does. If you think you can do most of them, then you have successfully become a psychic medium!

1. Connect with higher forms of beings: angels, spirits, and dead people. They all talk to psychics, wanting to convey messages to their living relatives. If you can hear or see them, then you are halfway to being a psychic.

2. Healing: Most of the issues people encounter involve blockages of energy, affecting their soul, mood, and good luck. Aura cleaning, chakras, and Reiki are used to open these blockages and let the energy flow much more smoothly. It releases stress and assists in spiritual growth.

3. Guidance and readings: Psychics help people by entering into their lives, using divine abilities and supernatural powers. They do it in a spiritual way and can offer advice on how to fix problems. They come with a different perspective that sheds some light on the hard decisions the client is facing.

4. Psychic methods: To grow spiritually, you must know at least one kind of symbolic language (astrology, tarot cards, crystals). Words are not usually spoken when it comes to communication with energies and spirits. Furthermore, one tool is not enough; you will have to learn several symbolic languages and know how to combine them all.

5. Predictions: Not all psychics are prophets, and the future can change any minute. But on some level, you should have the ability to predict future events or at least the implications of decision-making. Most clients would like to know about their future; this is a big part of why they come to a medium and consult with them. Make sure you can offer even a little peek into the future.

6. Working with emotions: You can’t rationalize what people are feeling, and most problems derive from imbalanced feelings. Psychics understand this key point and offer empathy as the first step of healing.

7. Offering a wide range of services: Psychic mediums have profound knowledge of many topics and situations, usually gained from their daily working experiences. Hence, you should be able to offer insight on topics like finance, career, love, relationships, and spiritual growth.